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Providing Clients with Bespoke Designs by Haus Tiles 

Haus are one of the UK’s leading suppliers of 'Majik House' home automation systems. Providing clients with a personalised service from initial site visits, to design plans, and final home installations. Supplying everything from bespoke automated lighting, to dynamic home cinema and audio systems.

Smart technology and integration of automation systems means making sure all the elements work together in harmony; they complement each other and deliver entertainment and enjoyment, convenience, and security in equal measures. Today’s smart home empowers you to control and monitor your property in a multitude of ways thanks to the happy marriage of smart locks, CCTV, audio, and lighting systems.

Become fully in control of your home, with Haus. By integrating our smart lighting, audio, entertainment, security, heating, and renewable energy systems into one complete package, allowing you to sit back and enjoy the experience of autonomous living.

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