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Natural Stone Travertine Tiles

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Travertine is a form of limestone and forms due to rapid precipitation of calcium carbonate, usually in hot springs. Untreated travertine has a fibrous and porous appearance due to microbes living in the rock and forming bubbles. Travertine has a naturally cream coloured appearance and characteristic cloudy patterning. The coloured mottling is caused by tiny microbes and algae that live on the surface and are preserved inside the rock. The neutral biscuit shades of Roccia’s travertine tiles make them ideal for use in any style of room. Use them as flooring in a traditional kitchen, or place on walls in a bathroom for a classical look. Travertine is famous as a building material and was used by the Romans to create monuments including the colonnade of St. Peter’s Square. If you’re looking to create a Roman-esque or Greek style then travertine tiles are the perfect choice. Our range of travertine tiles includes classic Kremna tiles in creamy tones. These tiles come in small medium and large sizes and square or rectangular forms. We can also offer a mixed colour travertine bricks which are perfect for use in kitchens as they are both rugged looking and durable. Travertine tiles are a slightly cheaper alternative to marble, but they look just as smart and can add sophistication to any room. For more information please call our enquiries line on 01772 550900.

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