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Travertine Wall Tiles

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Some of the world’s most instantly identifiable historic monuments have been built from travertine, such as the Coliseum, although this elegant material undoubtedly receives far less attention than other examples of classic stone like marble. Travertine is actually a form of limestone that is commonly found in hot springs, and travertine wall tiles can be used to preserve much of the stone’s natural beauty. The stone for our travertine wall tiles is primarily sourced from Italy, Turkey and France, and it comes in many available finishes and also an extensive palette of attractive natural colours. Travertine wall tiles are very easy to install, and can be cut without hardship to fit into any sort of space. Because of the sheer variety in travertine wall tile coloration, replacing a tile never needs to be a hardship, as a tile of a slightly different hue never needs to be a significant problem. When properly cared for, travertine wall tiles will retain their beautiful appearance practically indefinitely, and can also be honed, brushed, polished or tumble finished to offer even more diversity. Highly durable and lending a warm ambiance to any room of the household, travertine wall tiles are a thoroughly worthwhile investment. Here at Roccia, our travertine wall tiles are sold in a comprehensive range of rustic and natural colours, and can also be purchased in mosaic varieties to echo some of the great historic constructions that have previously utilized this popular material. The multiplicity of travertine wall tiles can sometimes leave you unsure about exactly which style to procure for your home, and for such an eventuality our friendly and professional staff are always on hand to help. We have two showrooms that you can visit, and are also available to contact by phone on 01772 550 900. No matter what your query might be, we’ll always be pleased to help.

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