Are You Looking to Revamp Your Bathroom?

What springs to mind when you think of your bathroom? Relaxation, serenity and escapism are just some of the things that you immediately consider when you contemplate your bathroom. The whole design of your bathroom needs to be centred around those three words and instilling a sense of calm in your room starts by installing the right tiles for your needs.  If you’re looking to revamp your bathroom wall or floor, then installing a fresh set of bathroom tiles will probably be at the top of your priorities.

Why are Bathroom Tiles So Great?

All the bathroom tiles we stock at Roccia are specifically designed with longevity in mind. Therefore, by choosing tiles in your bathroom you are guaranteed your bathroom will look brand new for even longer, thanks to their easy-to-clean and durable finish. Due to their strong and protective coating using tiles in your bathroom offer a low maintenance solution, requiring little effort to keep your bathroom walls and floors looking fresh.  Bathroom tiles are typically easy to clean and mostly waterproof.

Due to the specific manufacturing process of our tiles, they are perfectly suited for use in bathrooms. Using quality clay mixed with minerals, a heat process forms a solidified product that is then topped and treated with glaze. This means that any porous qualities are dealt with, making them extremely water tolerant when compared to other options like wooden flooring, which would otherwise become damaged.

No matter the size of your bathroom, you will find tiles to transform the look of your room. With ROCCIA’s wide variety of tiles, you can mix and match, creating several different colour and pattern combinations to complete a unique look for your bathroom floor and bathroom wall.

Choosing The Right Bathroom Wall Tiles

The bathroom is a retreat where we all spend a lot of time, and it’s also a place where guests are likely to visit, so when you purchase bathroom wall tiles, they not only have to be extremely practical but also able to make a great first impression. So why not choose bathroom wall tiles that are not only functional but also beautifully stylish you might even opt to use our range of bathroom tiles to create a feature wall behind a bath or in your shower.

You’ll find bathroom wall tiles are significantly lighter and thinner than bathroom floor tiles. This is fantastic for any homeowners who are looking to make the most of the space available in their bathroom and are looking to avoid the thicker, more bulky types of bathroom wall tiles. Don’t be fooled by their thin appearance though, each bathroom wall tile is extremely durable and is manufactured to last, using various types of clay and a robust glaze. The glaze used on the bathroom wall tiles is not inherently intended to be load-bearing, so always be sure that you have installed the right type of tile for your bathroom walls. Additionally, many of our bathroom wall tiles are engineered using waterjet cutting, which allows us to cut through almost any material with extreme precision, whilst also enabling the creation of intricate designs for your bathroom walls.

Our Range of Bathroom Wall Tiles

The Roccia range of bathroom wall tiles includes a variety of style options, so you will definitely find something to match the style you want for the bathroom of your dreams. Choose from the Carpet tile range which offers a beautiful mosaic effect, the elite Caprichosa ceramic tiles which give a classic feeling to any space or the Mattoncino tile collection, a metropolitan style tile which gives visitors the feeling of stepping into a New York hideaway.

If you are looking for a tile that can be used to create a breath-taking style in your bathroom on both the floor and the walls, we love the Faubourg tile range, this wood effect tiling collection comes in four shades and creates a seamless blend between surfaces in your bathroom.

Advantages of Using Bathroom Floor Tiles.

Tiles are a perfect and practical choice for your bathroom floor, as unlike other finishes such as wood, tiles will not get damaged when they come into contact with water. This is especially true of porcelain floor tiles which absorb less than 0.5% of water.

Bathroom floor tiles are the simplest way to bring a real sense of character to any room, as many of ROCCIA’s tiles come with unique patterns and designs. Therefore, tiles can add a decorative flair to any bathroom floor, whilst also acting as a centrepiece for your room. 

Bathroom floor tiles are easy-to-clean and come with a durable finish, meaning your bathroom can look brand new for even longer, this is due to their strong and protective coating. Using tiles on your bathroom floor offers a low maintenance solution, requiring little effort to keep them looking fresh.

With the variety of tiles available, it is easy to create a seamless look by matching styles for both the walls and floor of your bathroom. You’ll also find that the vast majority of our bathroom floor tiles feature different textures or a grained surface, which can provide additional grip to minimise the risk of slips and falls; this can be especially useful for customers with young children or elderly members of the family. We refer to these tiles as ‘anti-slip tiles’ so be sure to speak to our advisors about these tiles if you’re keen on enhancing the overall safety of your bathroom flooring.

All bathroom floor tiles are treated with a much more robust glaze which is capable of withstanding high levels of foot traffic, they’re also sometimes made from different types of clay to ensure they maintain their structural integrity for a long period. Not only are they thick, but they also usually come armed with water-resistant properties to ensure they do not get damaged when wet feet walk across them. 

Bathroom Floor Tiles to Match Any Style

No matter what style you are looking for from your bathroom floor tile, here at Roccia we have it all. We take price in the fact you can find almost every option in our tile showroom including:

Purchase Bathroom Tiles From Roccia

When you buy bathroom tiles from ROCCIA, they're all about quality, strength and durability. ROCCIA are proud to offer an extensive selection of kitchen tiles and bathroom tiles in different colours, sizes, shapes and styles. Each style is unique and can complement any existing interior design you have in place, whilst also possessing the capability to form the basis of any new projects you have in mind. So, whatever style you are after for your bathroom tiles, whether it is a highly durable bathroom floor or water-resistant bathroom wall, our range of exceptional quality tiles are ideal for your home. Discover our high-quality Versace tiles and more. We are sure we will be able to find it for you in our fantastic tile showroom in Preston or tile showroom in Bolton. Our knowledgeable employees will even be on hand to ensure you choose the right combination of bathroom floor tiles and bathroom wall tiles.

What’s more, when you buy your bathroom tiles from ROCCIA, you can benefit from our Price Promise, which means we’ll match the price of any online quotes (as long as it meets our criteria). We also offer delivery options including next day delivery, standard 3-5-day economy or even the opportunity to collect your purchase in-store.

You can also fill out our online enquiry form where one of our helpful representatives will answer any queries you may have. Alternatively, please give our friendly team a call on 01772 550 900 to discuss your requirements when it comes to either bathroom wall tiles or bathroom floor tiles; we are happy to help with any queries