3 Creative Things You Can Do With Leftover Tiles

If you’ve recently given your home a fantastic tile makeover and have been left with a pile of leftovers or cut off tiles – don’t throw them away. They might not have made it into your beautiful new kitchen or bathroom design, but that doesn’t mean that they’re totally useless.

Whether you’re left with a handful of porcelain floor tiles, or you’ve a bunch of stone wall tiles that didn’t make the cut, there are plenty of things you can use them for – just take a look at our ideas for some inspiration!



 Leftover tiles can make brilliant and stylish coasters. Coasters protect your furniture from damage, so you can never have too many – especially if you have a lot of guests over! Although, remember to add a felt backing to them so your furniture doesn’t scratch.

There is very little to do – most tiles are the right size and shape to use as they are. Ceramic tiles are the best for putting hot drinks onto. Just sand them down to get rid of sharp edges and you’re good to go.

However, we love the idea of customising them to make them even better.  Use patterned material or coloured fabrics to transform plain colours into something bright and cheerful.

Frame a Mirror

Leftover tiles can be used to jazz up otherwise boring mirrors. This is brilliant for those with leftover mosaic tiles, as they make some beautiful mirror designs. If you don’t have mosaic, you can easily create the same effect by using an assortment of tiles from the same colour palette.

Line the outer edge of the mirror with your leftover tile by adding double sided tile adhesive and sticking straight onto the mirror.

This looks just as good with cut off tiles or tile fragments!


Table Tops

This requires a little more effort than our previous ideas, but when done correctly, it can transform a table into something colourful and stylish.

You’ll need to decide what size table you want to redesign – this will probably depend on the amount of tiles that you have spare.

You can create a chic mosaic design by smashing your tiles into manageable sizes, then arranging them into a colourful mosaic pattern using your preferred pieces. Use mastic on the table and then begin to put them together in the design of your choice. Once dry, spread grout between the tiles and pour epoxy over them.


If you’re looking to purchase high quality tiles to create your dream designs at home, you can check out our full range online. We offer a comprehensive range of beautiful floor and wall tiles – we confident that you’ll find the style for you.

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