Autumn Fashion for Tiles

Tiles are like any other part of interior design; they have fashions and they change with the times!

We here at Tilemart love matching our tiles to the different seasons! For this blog, we thought that we could show you how our tiles, from our porcelain tiles to our slate, fit into this season’s colours and styles.


According to Pantene, for Fall 2015, earthy colours are in ‘an evolving colour landscape’. The colours are meant to reflect the warmth in nature and the positives we can draw from it.

The colours themselves range from 70’s orange, called cadmium Orange, that has loads of confidence surrounding it, to a soft Herb Green, which used to be associated with camouflage, but now has its very own connotations of relaxed and warm.

How do our tiles match this?

Well, we’ve been looking at our delicate porcelain wall and floor tiles to find the perfect matches to these colours, and we’ve not been disappointed!

 Our Moon Rose Glass

FireShot Capture 26 - Moon Glass Rose 30.8x33 - http___www.roccia.com_moon-glass-rose-308x33
This perfectly fits in with the cashmere rose of this season, and because of it’s inherent shine, it will reflect and refract its colour around your room. So you can look forward to a warm pink hue, making you feel warm and cosy this autumn!

Carrara Petroleum Grey


A total three-in-one of this seasons’ colours right here! The mosaic piece has soft cashmere pinks coupled with dark and seductive stormy blues, separated by multiple soft gold’s and greys which are, undoubtedly, colours that we have lined up for the A/W season.

Oak Bluff

We’re incredibly proud of our range of warm, orange and gold beige tiles. In fact, we have so many that we can’t even fit them all into this blog! Our beige colours can look like this, which has an anti-slip coating:

FireShot Capture 27 - Stone Cut Beige Slip Resistant 49x99 A_ - http___www.roccia.com_stone-cu
Or even the rich gold beiges, which invoke warmth and bringing that little bit of extra glamour to your room!

FireShot Capture 28 - i Marmi Marble Gold Naturale 60x120_ - http___www.roccia.com_i-marmi-
These colours instantly warm up any room, and make it feel like you’re living a life of luxury. Not only do they warm up a room, being around such vibrant colours make you feel warm and looked after!

Agatha Puzzle Turquesa

This is very similar to Biscay Bay! The colour is a very blue turquoise, acting cooling, but the slight green definitely makes a room feel warm which is what colours in autumn and winter attempt to do all the time.

This is a very playful tile and will be perfect any children’s bedroom or playroom.

Quartzite Green Natural

FireShot Capture 29 - Quarzite Green Nat_ - http___www.roccia.com_quarzite-green-natural-408x614

Ah, so tantalizingly close to Sage green! Quartzite green is perfect if you leave near the seaside, reflecting the brilliant murky green and shimmering blue. We’ve heard a lot of our customers arguing over using this tile in either the bathroom or kitchen. Why not both?

If you’re looking for the perfect tile for your room, look no further! We have a huge range of amazing tiles! Contact us for more information on any of our tiles

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