Beautiful Blue Bathroom Inspiration

Blue bathrooms have come in and out of style for years, and it’s a colour scheme that many of us keep coming back to. There are many reasons for this, including the connotations of cleanliness and the ocean. In addition, the colour offers a timeless aesthetic, and its versatility suits many people’s home design choices.
In today’s blog, we’ll help you to find some blue bathroom inspiration. We’ll look into why people continue to choose this colour scheme and provide some ideas on how to style blue tiles and h ring blues into your modern bathroom.


Why Choose Blue?

One of the main reasons people choose to “go blue” in their bathroom is the clean connotations and the way it makes the room feel. The bathroom is where we clean ourselves, so it’s understandable why people would colour the room in tones that emphasise this.
Blue is a timeless colour, and although specific shades come in and out of style, blue is something that is a favoured choice in bathrooms. It’s incredibly versatile, and one shade of blue can make a room look and feel entirely different from another shade. For example, pale blue is a perfect colour for a farmhouse bathroom, whereas you may find a royal or navy blue in a high-end hotel bathroom.
Interestingly, retailers and estate agents have also found that blue bathrooms can increase your home’s selling price. So, if you’re looking to sell, consider re-tiling, as many people find a blue bathroom visually appealing and homely compared to white or grey.


Blue Versace bathroom floor and wall tiles


How Do I Choose the Perfect Shade of Blue for My Bathroom?

Selecting the perfect shade of blue for your bathroom is the tricky part, with so many options to choose from. We have a fantastic range of luxury bathroom brands that offer a range of styles, designs, and shades. Once you have selected the style of your fixtures and fittings, it will be much easier to decide on a colour scheme. For example, contemporary bathrooms might suit a patterned blue floor tile, whereas a traditional or Victorian bathroom could look better with deep royal blue wall tiles.
Firstly, choose your favourite shade of blue, and whether this is a bold, electric shade or a more neutral muted shade, this will help form the rest of your colour scheme. From here, you can select other tones that complement or contrast with your choice.


Traditional Blue

Blue has been one of the most popular bathroom colours for a very long time. Thus, choosing this colour scheme suggests you appreciate the classic things in life. Select an Oxford blue paint for your bathroom furniture, such as cabinets, for a traditional style guaranteed to make a dramatic transformation to your room. Pair this with some white Victorian fixtures and fittings to see your room transport back to the 19th century in style. If you’re struggling to envisage this in your own space, come and visit us at our bathroom showroom to speak to our experts. We can show you exactly how to go about your bathroom re-style and provide you with tips and tricks on achieving this classic style using blue.


Deep blue bathroom tiles in a modern bathroom


Using Blue in A Modern Bathroom

You can have lots of fun with blue in a bathroom, and it can be an excellent choice for those wanting to modernise their space. Choose deep blue marble bathroom wall tiles and pair them with wood effect floor tiles and wooden bathroom furniture for a modern take on the blue bathroom look. Additionally, select a blue tile for both your shower floor and walls to separate the area and create a dramatic contemporary focal feature in your space.


A Pop of Blue

A blue bathroom doesn’t mean choosing one shade and using that for your floors, walls, and furniture. If you’d like to incorporate the colour into your space but are afraid of overdoing it and dominating the room, don’t worry, you can still join in on this timeless trend.
A pop of blue in the right places can modernise the room and bring the space together. For example, choose patterned bathroom floor tiles and use a shade of blue from those to bring together other areas of the room, for instance, with the towels, cabinet handles, or soap dispenser. This can make the space feel complete and, although simple, is a highly effective way of incorporating blue into your bathroom without going over the top (although there’s nothing wrong with that either).


How Can Roccia Help?

We hope that this blog has been helpful, and you now feel more confident in choosing blue for your bathroom.
Please visit us at our bathroom showroom Preston or bathroom showroom Bolton to see our beautiful bathroom tiles and bathroom brands in person and gather some more inspiration for your brand new blue bathroom. Additionally, our experts will be more than happy to lend a helping hand and provide some advice if you need it. Before you visit, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team, who will happily answer your questions and queries.

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