Create a Tile Design for Your Conservatory

Interior designs created with colourful floor tiles and mosaic tile arrangements in the kitchen make for a great aesthetic – but their stylish and clean finish doesn’t have to remain in those rooms alone. Using tiling for a conservatory or garden room would provide you with a fresh and modern looking space to sit in the summer.


Conservatories can sometimes look a little outdated which is why making renovations with tile designs on the walls and floors could give them the life they need to encourage us to use them more during the summer, but tiling a garden room also has its other benefits that could maximise on their materials, finish and design.

Natural Light

Conservatories are walled with windows, which means they let all the natural light in. Tiles that are used in other rooms in the house aren’t usually exposed to this much light, which can sometimes leave intricacies in tiles lost in shadowed corners.

Having such an illuminating space will highlight all the natural colours in stone and will emphasize the patterns that can be found in our travertine tiles.

Interior Of Modern Conservatory

Co-ordinating Colours

If you use your conservatory to house all your plants and wildlife, then choosing your tiles to have a neutral design would enable your plants and flowers to make a statement. Too many colours will make your space look smaller than it is, so having natural colours will co-ordinate with the earth tones of your garden and will make your room look more spacious.

Keep cool

Tiles tend to be used abroad to accommodate for the hot weather; they are less insulated than carpets and are cooler underfoot. Even though temperatures can drop to excruciating levels in England, a British summer can be glorious. During this time when we would be using our conservatories the most, having a tiled floor could provide a cool relief whilst we enjoy humid summer evenings in a more pleasant looking space.

tiled garden room - iStock_000012214269_Medium

So if you’re the type of person who wants to appreciate your garden all year round, indoors and outdoors, then a refurbishment of your conservatory with tiled designs might be what you need to make sure you utilise your space. Feel free to browse our extensive range of tiles on our website, or for any enquiries that you may have, contact us at 01772 292623. Otherwise, you can keep up with our regular updates on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

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