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Tiles can completely change the way a space looks, which includes the heart of the home: the kitchen. Whether you’re looking to revamp your current kitchen, renovate it or start from scratch, our kitchen showroom in Preston has everything you could need.

When you have a style in mind, our award-winning kitchen design team will help you make it a reality. We supply products from the world’s leading kitchen brands to help you create your dream kitchen.

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Go for Bold Patterns

Plain or patterned, that is the question. While there’s a place for simpler, more natural tiles, bold patterns are not just in fashion, they also look fabulous no matter the style you choose for your kitchen. They complement rustic and more traditional décors well and work beautifully with a contemporary aesthetic since they can add an interesting contrast to the room.

For instance, our Victorian floor tiles are inspired by 19th-century styles and suit a range of interior designs. They can completely transform a lifeless space or add vibrancy to a neutral room. Many people have white kitchens, so a bolder floor pattern will make the room unique and even more special if this is the case.

victorian fs tiles

Embrace the Minimalist Look

If you’re looking for a timeless aesthetic, then consider minimalism. Subway wall tiles are a great way to implement this trend in your kitchen because they are deceptively simple. While you can certainly place them in the usual brick arrangement, you can also create different patterns, including herringbone, if you prefer.

cento por cento subway tiles

Subway tiles, in particular, are versatile and flexible, making it easier for you to bring your vision to life. They’re not just ideal for modern décors – on the contrary, they’re a fantastic choice in farmhouse-style kitchens and other more traditional-looking spaces.

You can also add large windows to this look, which let in more natural light and make your kitchen appear bigger and brighter. A great example is our UNO windows, which are modern and stylish, and combine aesthetics with smart technology (including solar-powered blinds).

Get That Wow Factor

If making a great first impression is important to you, our Eminent tiles can undoubtedly deliver. The appeal of these tiles is clear in their wooden tones and unique patterns, which are complete with a glossy finish for that extra ‘wow’ factor.

It’s impossible not to take note of these luxurious tiles, whether you’ve opted for a contemporary décor or a more traditional feel. So, if you seek tiles made to impress, you’ll love the Eminent collection with its different colours and patterns.

eminent maximum tiles

Add Character to Your Kitchen

When creating your dream kitchen, you probably want to impart some personality into it, especially if you’re going to be spending a lot of time there. With our Stone Cut tiles, you can easily accomplish this. Say goodbye to boring, ‘same-y’ décors with a tiled aesthetic that combines art with architecture.

After all, the tiles are made from a selection of 15 cuts from the same stone, which allows you to create a visually appealing style that is unique to you and your design preferences. These tiles will enable you to set a subtle yet beautiful atmosphere, offering a natural aesthetic to your kitchen.

They’re also anti-slip and sturdy, making them ideal for a kitchen environment where spills can happen often.

stone cut tiles

Create a Stylish Contrast

You don’t have to commit to a full wall of tiles if you’re not sure it’s what you want. Instead, you can simply tile half the wall for a stunning contrast with the rest of the kitchen – this is also sure to add more personality to the room, so browse our vast range of wall tiles for inspiration.

We have plenty of luxury tiles for you to choose from, which includes the example below. The Kiko tiles are colourful, textural and bold, allowing you to create a feature wall or half wall for a one-of-a-kind look in your kitchen.

kiko tiles roccia

You can contrast solid colour (like black and white), pair high gloss tiles with plainer walls, and so on. There are no limits to the designs you can achieve with tiles.

Choose a Less Conventional Aesthetic

When creating your dream kitchen, you have the perfect opportunity to express yourself and your personality. And what could be more unique than opting for a less traditional look like the one our Volcano 3D tiles help create? 3D tiles have become more popular recently, which is not surprising considering the charm they offer to a room.

With patterns, textures and shapes that pop out of the wall, these tiles are sure to create an art piece in your kitchen while remaining functional at all times.

volcano 3d tiles

Add Warmth to Your Kitchen

If you dream of an inviting, warm kitchen where you can entertain guests – or family members – while preparing delicious meals, then our wood effect tiles might be exactly what you’re looking for.

Whether as floor tiling or as a featured wall, these tiles can help create a cosy feel, as well as the rustic, traditional style you’re envisioning in your mind. Not to mention that wood effect tiles are also great to bring the outdoors in!

salvage wood effect tiles

At ROCCIA, we can help you to create the kitchen of your dreams by providing luxury tiles manufactured to high standards. Our kitchens collection comes from world-class brands, such as Jacob and Sons, who supply traditional English kitchens and contemporary English kitchens, depending on your preferences.

When you choose us, you also benefit from an extensive range of furniture, appliances, worktops, sinks, taps and accessories, all of which allow you to design your ideal kitchen. Visit us in Preston to see the many products we sell for yourself or for expert advice from our design team.

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