England’s Best Gardens to Draw Inspiration From

In this article, we will be exploring some of England’s Best gardens; from Alnwick on the East coast to Levens Hall in the West, we’ll be taking a tour of the country’s most beautiful gardens and discussing which aspects you could recreate in your home.

Alnwick, Northumberland

Alnwick is a fabulous day out for a family and an intriguing one for a garden planner. Alnwick exists to impress with grandeur and perfection, and it certainly succeeds. It costs £12 for an adult to enter but it is well worth the visit.

One of the public’s favourite aspects of Alnwick is the ambitious cascade fountain which is a refreshing sight on a hot day. Visitors can walk up and down the length of this fountain to view it from a variety of angles, and wherever you stand it is always stunning.



If you want a piece of Alnwick in your garden, you could always consider investing in a water feature to add some class to your outdoor space. You may also want to consider using some outdoor anti slip tiles around the base of your water feature.

If adding a water fountain to your garden isn’t what you had in mind, then you could also consider recreating Alnwick’s second most famous attraction – the poison garden.

Although the name might sound a little tacky and villainous, Alnwick’s poison garden is one of the most beautiful sections of this garden estate. It features a tunnel constructed from tantalising archways bedecked with creeping vines, as well as some carefully constructed planters containing all kinds of poisonous plants and trees, from the humble rhubarb and nasty nettle to a beautiful blooming laburnum.

Alnwick Gardens


Levens Hall, Cumbria

Green tunnels are currently in fashion for gardens, perhaps because they provide a sense of privacy, or maybe because it feels as if we have been transported to a lush green forest. Whatever the reason, Levens Hall has also been growing a green tunnel for visitors to enjoy.

Levens Hall


Levens Hall gardens were designed by a pupil of the designer of the gardens at Versailles Palace in France, which perhaps explains the calm beauty of this carefully planned and well-maintained garden. Most notably, though, Levens Hall combines a sense of function with its beauty; the meticulously carved topiaries are purely artistic, but the herb garden, apple orchard and nuttery will once have benefited the kitchens at Levens Hall.

Chatsworth Garden, Derbyshire

Chatsworth’s greatest draw is the luscious flower patches, but its success with tourists is perhaps more to do with its skill in combining everything that makes a garden grand. Along with the swathes of flowers, there are the functional kitchen gardens, majestic water fountains, a few statues, and even a maze. Chatsworth knows what it means to be special, and as a result, it contains various rare trees and shrubs to highlight its prestige.

Chatsworth Gardens


If you fancy a little of Chatsworth in your garden, you could consider importing some rare plants to take care of, or you could suggest some of Chatsworth’s grandeur by implementing some large format tiles on which you could rest a statue or two. These tiles are a rising trend that look great both indoors and outdoors, although they can be difficult to use so be sure to talk to an expert like us before you purchase your latest tiles.

Royal Botanic Gardens, London

Alternatively, you could take inspiration from Kew Gardens and go for a sheer variety of plants over all else. Kew Gardens boasts that it owns one in eight of all known plant species and you can view it all from the Xstrata walkway.

If you want to copy Kew Gardens, you could use a greenhouse or two for your more outlandish or exotic flowers. Alternatively, you could cultivate a pond and grow some waterlilies.

Royal Botanic Gardens


Whichever direction you’re next hoping to take your garden, whether you’re making the UK’s most poisonous garden or just starting to style your topiaries, we can help you to choose the outdoor tiles that will best compliment your efforts. You could create a perfect patio for garden parties in the summer or a lovely tiled path to tiptoe through a leafy green tunnel.

If you are looking for the perfect tiles for your next attempt at some garden landscaping, then be sure to come and view our range of outdoor tiles at either our showroom in Preston or our showroom in Bolton. Our team of friendly and experienced staff will be on hand to give you all the help that you need in creating your perfect outdoor space.

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