How to: Get the Mediterranean Look

Who doesn’t love the look of the stunning Spanish villas with their rustic charm and, more often than not, a dreamy and luxurious pool? The ornate surroundings and details of a Mediterranean room will lift your spirits and make you feel abroad all day, every day! But why wait until you’re on holiday to experience this; why not bring the Mediterranean life back home with you too?

Textures and Patterns

The old traditional houses utilise textures and patterns, both visually and physically, in the form of decorated flooring and cushions, and even intricate detailing within the furniture design. Check out this tutorial to get the perfect Mediterranean texture on your walls.

Break Down Divisions

The Mediterranean people like to embrace the outdoors and thrive on making their homes welcoming and comfortable, so make sure you have plenty of seats for your visitors. The use of wrought iron and ornamental metals can be seen throughout traditional Mediterranean houses, but many modern homes use the same metals; they just streamline them for their furniture.


The idea is to blur the lines between the inside and the outside, so bring in some beautiful plants, dig out a pool in your back garden and then you’ll be well on your way to creating the perfect Mediterranean styled living quarters.

Choose Appropriate Styles

We recommend using these fantastic Silex Rodeno tiles to get the warm, European look in any room in your house! With these, a nice big rustic table, the right friends and a big jug of sangria you’ll feel like you’re actually on holiday. It’s all about the colour with these tiles, and don’t worry if you accidentally spill a little something on them, as these tiles are pretty hard wearing!

Here at Tile Mart, we stock a massive and impressive range of ceramic and porcelain floor tiles, with something in it to create any look and style you are aiming for; that goes for Mediterranean trends as well. Contact us on 01772 258998 if you have any questions or need some help and advice with your tile selection. We’ll always be happy to help you find something that’s suited to your interior design vision.

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