Interior Design 2018: Introducing Metals

Some interior design trends are greater than others, with them lasting longer and providing a better way to give your home the look and feel you’ve always wanted. Over the course of the next year, you’ll find the reliable décor of metals evolving into a staple that will still be on-trend in a few years’ time.

Integrating metals into your home has already stood the test of time, but the new development for 2018 is softer metallic palettes to create a sophisticated and elegant space.

Combining your existing décor with metal pieces can truly transform any room and area into an eye-catching feature. Metallic tones found in more unusual textures, such as embroideries, artwork, and upholstery are key ways to introduce this into your home.

As a highly versatile material, metal is easily adapted to any interior. Metal is no longer limited to kitchen appliances and bathroom fixtures; it can be used for sleek designs and modern characteristics that provide a touch of opulence.

Bedroom Lamp

The Basics of Introducing Metals

There are a few factors to consider when choosing metal elements to decorate your home. Regardless of what metal you love the most, keep in mind the following to help you find a cohesive and striking look:

  • Colour – the base tone of the finish, which will be the most relevant characteristic of a finish. Gold/brass/silver are typical colours of metal, although there are a whole host more
  • Tone – how dark or bright a colour is, with terms such as deep and bright to watch out for
  • Finish – how the colour is treated or applied, with polished, matte, and brushed being some of the most common finishes

It is possible to mix two out of the three elements, but any more than that may make the visuals of a room look ill-placed. For instance, you can have varying colours and finishes, but it’s a good idea to keep undertones the same. Alternatively, you could mix the tones and finishes, but all of your pieces are a variance of the same colour, such as gold.

How to Introduce Metals into Each Room

  • Living room – polished finishes of gold, bronze, and silver can transform the space visually.
  • Kitchen – will benefit from colour mixes to give depth to the room; you can add bronze or brass fixtures amongst soft gold and chrome for a creative take.
  • Bathroom – metal finishes can easily be mixed, but keep the number of items to a minimum to avoid cluttering. Polished brass and brass sconces with brushed accessories can create the diversity you want, however, tones should be kept close to each other to avoid clashing.
  • Bedroom – the mixing of colours that have pink tones can help create a comfortable and cosy haven, particularly rose gold, brass, and bronze.

 Yellow Chairs

Choosing a Dominant Metal

With a wide variety of metals to choose from, hand-picking one or two of your favourites will ensure that your designs look complete.

Your favourite metals will provide a sense of unity and cohesion that are sure to be eye-catching.

Accent metals guide the eyes throughout a room, highlighting the areas in which you have expertly decorated shelves or nooks with beautiful décor pieces. A stainless steel kitchen, for example, will benefit from gold or silver vintage pieces, sure to add both texture and charm.

A chrome table or lighting fixtures are also a great way to complement a gold and white theme in your space.

Having a common element tying everything together, such as wood, will ensure that every element is united.

 Metal Light Fitting

Copper is Out, New Metals are In

Copper has been an omnipresent trend in the past few years, utilised in both paint shades and in decorative items to provide layers. However, its yellowish, pink and rich orange hues are being phased out over the course of the next year. While continuing to experiment with copper shades could give you great kitchen appliance options, copper can easily overpower a room.

Although a simple looking metal, brass will make a comeback in 2018. This metal can truly help your home to shine through its yellow tone. Brushed brass, in particular, has gained traction in interior design, as it can easily blend in beautifully with other metals such as silver and bronze, adding a touch of sophistication and depth.

To create a contrasting design, gold looks stunning against green shades – particularly emerald and avocado tones. The welcoming and calm vibe is reminiscent of its popularity in the 70s, but it will be seen again in a more modern approach in 2018.

With a nostalgic touch, this combination is also about the connection of the colour green to nature.

Exposed Brick

Pewter is a metal with a silver-grey tone and a mottled aesthetic, offering an ornamental and embellishing property to any space. It complements darker surfaces and furnishings, helping to celebrate each room in your home and add a rustic look.

In addition to using metal items for your interior design, you can also add hand-painted metallic elements on fabrics and art for a cohesive and original approach. From metal furniture, picture frames, lighting fixtures, wall panels, candleholders, tableware, glassware, and much more, you can have a minimal or maximal approach to design.

Grey is a great basis colour scheme to go with if you are thinking of incorporating metals into your decor. If you are wondering what colour goes with grey tiles in bathroom then you are in luck, because your colour pallet can seem endless. Its elegant natural yet metallic aura is fantastic as a contemporary, urban feel which is also always on trend. Industrial Chic is hot at the moment and isn’t showing any sign of slowing down.

Regardless of which metal you choose, here at Roccia, we can help you find the ideal tiles to complete your interior design.

Simply get in touch with our expert team and we will happily answer any question you might have.


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