#Throwbackthursday Interior Design Trends Over the Years

Taking a trip down memory lane always brings back fond memories of better times, but is this the case when it comes to interior design trends? Well, that’s certainly up for debate, but it’s definitely fair to say that we have seen an awful lot of interior designs come and go over the years.

In this article, we will go through some of the top interior design trends that have been seen since the 1970s, right through to today.

Top 1970s Interior Design Trend

The 1970s brought with it a fair few colourful and out-there interior design trends. But we think it’s fair to say that the best interior design trend from this era was the introduction of black and grey marble throughout the home. The more subdued colours of marble, which were scattered around the home, were a welcome addition to balance out the abundance of bright colours usually utilised in this era.

Black and grey marble has certainly stood the test of time and is still commonly used throughout modern homes; this is thanks to the strength of its geometries, which help create a warm atmosphere in any room they are installed in. Back in the 70s, black marble was a mainstay of kitchen countertops in homes throughout the UK, and this trend is still going strong today. Marble has long been a stylish addition to any home and has recently been used more prominently in bathrooms to add a modern finish.

We stock a fantastic range of Versace marble tiles which come in a variety of styles and sizes, meaning they are suitable to be installed in any room you wish.


Image: Versace Marble Tiles

Top 1980s Interior Design Trend

Following a colour era in the 1970s, the 80s brought with it a more subdued palette. We’re sure you remember the 80s curtain call which saw huge floor sweeping window curtains, as well as a floral pattern taking over all furnishings throughout the home.

As many homeowners in the UK strived for a clean and sharp look throughout the home, wood effect floor tiles became all the rage, and with good reason. The floor had long been a neglected area of homes throughout the UK, with many people opting to leave the original wood flooring the house came with and simply decorating with a rug here and there. But in the 80s, homeowners started to realise there were huge benefits of installing wood effect tiles throughout the home.

Not only do wood effect tiles have a beautiful aesthetic, but they are also extremely practical and easy to clean. This was a revelation back in the 80s, as original wood floors were notorious for being difficult and time-consuming to properly clean. Wood effect tiles were the perfect remedy for aging wooden floors and offered a completely different aesthetic to that which carpet offers.

Wood effect

Image: Dolphin Tiles

Top 1990s Interior Design

The 80s proved to be a bit of a flash in the pan when it comes to interior design trends. The 1990s brought back all the colour and vibrancy we left behind in the 70s, with colourful patterns featuring prominently throughout homes, and florals continuing to remain ever present in the vast majority of rooms.

To keep up with the colour-overload from furnishings around the home, feature walls became a huge part of 1990s interior design trends. Feature walls are still used extensively today as they provide a real sense of vibrancy in rooms which may be lacking in character.

It’s worth remembering that feature walls aren’t always wallpaper too. Wall tiles can provide a completely different dimension to a room and offer increased levels of vibrancy that wallpaper simply can’t keep up with. Take, for example, our fantastic range of Victorian tiles, which are the perfect answer to any room in your home which needs a little lift.

Paint Tiles

Image: Victorian Paint Tiles

Top 2000s Interior Design Trend

Whilst this isn’t strictly an interior design trend, natural stone effect outdoor tiles gained real traction throughout the noughties as homeowners were keen to leave the 20th century behind and focus on a new and more modern 21st century. With house prices beginning to rise significantly between 2000-2010, homeowners were keen to maximise the amount of space available to them. With this in mind, outdoor spaces began to be properly utilised as an extension to the living area; this led to a huge upturn in the number of outdoor tiles being used in garden areas.

Outdoor anti slip tiles continue to provide homeowners with a fantastic and modern option to extend the amount of space available in their property. There have been huge advancements in the types of tiles available too, with a whole host of new outdoor tiles entering the market in the last few years.

Re-work Tiles

Image: Re-Works Tiles

Top 2010s Interior Design Trend

We can’t quite make that decision just yet as we’re a year away from being done with the 2010s! But you can be sure that we will cover this topic when 2020 comes around. To make your own judgement on which interior design trend was the best of the last decade, why not come and visit our tile showroom in Preston or tile showroom in Bolton? You’ll be greeted by one of our friendly experts who will be more than happy to assist you, and maybe even discuss their favourite interior design trends throughout the years. Our showrooms have a whole host of tiles which are suitable for interior design trends, both old and new.

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