Interior Trends: The Exposed Brick Look

Tiles can be used to achieve any number of looks. People often have the pre-conception that the only rooms in which tiles can be used are bathrooms and kitchens, but the fact is, tiles come in such a wide variety of sizes, textures and finishes that it’s possible to replicate different types of materials.

An interior trend that the use of tiles could lend themselves well to is the exposed brick wall. Having a room with an exposed brick wall has become a popular home design feature in both modern and traditional builds. The clean, neutral look co-ordinates well with a variety of colours and materials and certainly make a statement in any room with the bold contrast of texture.

Modern interior with sofa 3d render

However, having a real brick wall comes with more cons than pros with problems in insulation, maintenance and wear and tear. Creating the same look with tiles, however, will achieve the same aesthetic, without all the problems.

No Mess

Tiles are made with a sturdier material that won’t chip and flake away like the nature of brick. Tiling your wall would eliminate the chance of materials coming away from the wall as they will be firmly plastered, sealed and finished. The surface of tiles is solid and smooth and contains no holes to let in drafts, moisture or creepy crawly friends that thrive on this kind of environment.

Low Maintenance

It’s a difficult task to clean a brick wall, as it could cause further damage to an already crumbling structure. But tiles can be cleaned easily with warm water with a mild detergent which will easily wipe away any grease or dust that has accumulated.

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Whilst you can only use certain size and colour bricks, the choices of tile styles are endless! Whether you want to accomplish the rustic look that brick provides or a clean, white ‘painted over’ brick design, Roccia have Dordogne mosaic tiles, Antico and more to help make rooms look smart and stylish.

Whatever interior designs you decide on, tiled walls can bring a fresh look to tired decor, whether they’re porcelain tiles for a sleek and chic living space or granite tiles for a dining room. Feel free to browse our range of products online, or contact us at our head office at 01772 382616 for more information. Otherwise, you can also find us on our Facebook, Twitter and Google+ pages.

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