Italianesque Elegance for your Home- Versace Tiles

When striving for an Italianesque style in your home, whether it’s in your bedroom, bathroom or living room space, no tiles lend themselves to aesthetics quite like our Versace tiles; designed by iconic Italian fashion house, Versace.

Established in 1978, Versace has been epitomised as the classic Italian fashion brand, and this is also reflected in the Versace tile collection, which is a collaborative venture between Gianni Versace and Gardenia Orchidea – a celebrated tile manufacturer.

Versace tiles are the ideal option with many people of varying tastes and wants for their home, bringing together both contemporary and classic styles in a way only the most talented of designers could achieve.

For those who wish for a traditional, yet modern style within their home, the Versace Palace Pavimenti Living tile offers a subtle and sublime design that will remain looking fresh and chic for years to come, embellishing domestic spaces such as the living room with the perfect balance of contemporary and modern design.



For those who love a more current aesthetic in their home, the Versace Hermitage Tiles offer the ideal choice for your space. The dark brooding colours of the Hermitage tiles create a wonderfully sultry effect, with striking textures elevating these exquisite tiles from the crowd, making them the perfect option for anyone wishing to create a statement look without being over the top or flamboyant.



For anyone who desires a more understated beauty for their home, the Versace Elite tile offers a flawless option for any room in the house. The architectonic qualities of these tiles work to create a subtly complex aesthetic that is beautiful yet unobtrusive, allowing for opulence without the garishness of brightly coloured or heavily patterned tiles.



Regardless of which aesthetic you choose for your home’s interior, it’s safe to say that the Versace collection has a wonderful variety of high quality tiles, all of which are ideal options for anyone seeking beautiful Italian style and quality in their abode.

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