Paving the Way to the Great Outdoors

The current lockdown restrictions and the government’s guidelines for social distancing are crucial to stop the spread of the virus. However, there’s no denying this can take a toll on people, especially if they’re used to being outdoors.

But now’s the time to enjoy your garden, patio or yard once more! With spring and summer on the way, your garden should be high on your list for renovating; start getting ready and preparing it now so that you can make the most of it when the warmer seasons come around.

Tiles can make all the difference and transform your garden into a space you’ll want to spend a lot of time in, so take a look at our ideas to revamp your outdoor space.

Why Tiles for your Garden?

ROCCIA’s tiles are a stylish way of breathing new life into your garden or backyard. They can make any area look attractive and enhance your other décor options, such as the greenery you’ve planted or your patio furniture.

A key element in outdoor design, tiles also need to have certain features in order to not just look good but also last for a long time. For example, you’ll want to choose tiles that are slip-proof and weatherproof.

This is why porcelain outdoor tiles shine. These types of tiles:

  • Are not porous, so they won’t absorb humidity or crack due to ice or frost.
  • Are easy to clean and maintain.
  • Are resistant to scratching.
  • Can withstand sunlight for a long time, so they’ll look great for longer.
  • Ensure a slip-proof surface.
  • Can look like natural stone or wood if you want.

Whether you’re looking for that Mediterranean vibe or want a contemporary appeal to your garden, our porcelain tiles are exactly what you’re looking for.

So, How Can You Bring Your Garden to Life?

Check out some ideas to refresh your garden’s décor, designed to help you take full advantage of your outdoor space, especially during the pandemic.

Incorporate Porcelain Pavers

Have you thought about how porcelain tiles would look as pavers in your yard or garden? You don’t have to wonder anymore with our stunning Aterra Antracita tiles, which can help give a complete makeover to your outdoor space. These low-maintenance tiles will last for a very long time and won’t fade under the sunlight, ensuring you can enjoy your garden all year round, not just during summer.


Image:  Aterra Antracita Tiles

Create the Perfect Brunch Area

When the weather starts getting warmer, you’ll want to head outside and enjoy the sunlight as much as possible. This means during your meals too! With the incredible Bluestone tiles, you can sit down, relax with a cup of tea or coffee, and enjoy a space that is visually beautiful as well as practical and durable at the same time. This is because Re-Works are porcelain tiles, so they offer all the features we mentioned above as well.


Image: Bluestone Tiles

Create a Cosy Atmosphere

A cosy area is perfect for relaxation and for having guests over for an evening of food and conversation – while still complying with social distancing, of course. Add greenery to your yard to get a vibrant splash of colour and complete the look with lighting that helps set the right ambience.

We think the Calacatta tiles are the perfect complement to this. They enhance the cosiness while providing an easy to clean and maintain surface that looks great no matter how you decorate your patio or garden.


Image: Calacatta Tiles

Bring the Jungle to Your Home

Humans love being in nature, surrounded by greenery, so why not create your very own paradise in your yard? We have a biological connection to nature, also called biophilia, which is why flowers and plants help us to feel less stressed and help us unwind after a long day.

So, if you’re looking to create your very own garden jungle, why not make a paved area where you can enjoy that burst of green? The Earth tiles are a great choice for this because their earthy, organic colour complements your shrubbery, trees or flowers incredibly well.


Image: Earth Tiles

Get that Warm, Woodsy Feel

As mentioned, porcelain tiles can imitate the look of stone or wood, and the Concreto tiles are a perfect example of that. Their stone colours and patterns allow them to add a lovely natural feel to your garden or backyard, especially when combined with grass or turf.


Image: Concreto Tiles

There are endless possibilities when it comes to revamping your garden for spring and summer, and our stylish tiles can make it so much easier.

If you’d like more information about our products, speak to us today on 01772 258998 or email us at [email protected], and a member of our team will be happy to help.

You can also get inspired by our blog page, which is chock-full of ideas and images that can help guide your renovations. If this is not enough, you can even walk on the outdoor paving section at Preston and view the displays (yes, even while we’re closed because of the lockdown)!

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