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For the last two years, ‘Scandinavian’ has perhaps been the biggest buzzword of the interior world. However, even though it’s no longer the new trend on the block, the British interior scene has integrated the Scandi way of decor into its own.

Developing calm, minimal looks that embrace natural textures, colour and the outdoors, the Scandinavian trend continues to inspire our homes, offering a touch of serenity and quiet in a busy world. Colour should replicate our surroundings and the outdoors, hinting at pastel blue skies, cool, soft shades of stone and earthy tones that give a nod to foliage and flowers. Functionality is a top priority for the Scandi sense of home and looking great comes second to how it feels and works. As the term “Hygge” conveys, comfort, warmth and cosiness should be prioritised above all else.

Scandinavian Living Room

To fully incorporate the Scandinavian trend into your home, it’s important to get the basics right. How you choose to decorate your flooring and walls is key to achieving an authentic Scandi look as embraced by Denmark, Sweden and Norway. When it comes to flooring, it should be clean, minimal and easy to care for, without a carpet in sight. However, Scandinavian design always considers other factors, including your personality, how you use your room and your family’s needs when selecting your look. Read on and find out how you can create your own striking Scandi look with four key floor and wall trends that will suit any home.

1. Keep Cool

The easiest way to achieve a Scandi look is by introducing pale, cool tones of colour into your home. Whitewashed woods, faded stone and soft grey or pastel blue hues are all staple Scandi tones that will suit a variety of wall colours and furniture styles. If introducing cool coloured tiles into your home, it’s important to stay away from flat colours, glossy textures or fussy finishes when achieving a Scandinavian look. Instead, look towards large square tiles, subtle veins of texture and matte finishes. Our Global porcelain floor tiles create a gorgeous, calm look that blends perfectly into a Scandi decor. Great for creating a serene Scandi interior that you can relax in, its natural tone and subtle texture will suit most wall colours. Or, if you’d prefer a more striking look, make an impact with our deep, blue-toned charcoal Nordica tiles.

Roccia Tiles

2. Forest Inspiration

The belief that everything should be grey and white is a common misconception of Scandinavian interiors. The key focus should be about functionality, keeping furniture and decor organic and unfussy and embracing nature. It’s also important to integrate your personality into a space that you can truly enjoy and unwind in. Rich, red-toned wood floors can look exceptional in a Scandi interior; however, it’s important to balance a bold floor colour with a simple design and subtle walls. If you opt for a warm-toned wood, make sure to avoid fussy textures and patterns such as parquet. Instead, look towards sleek, larger tiles which feature natural wood grains and textures that replicate the outdoors. Our Cross Wood effect tile is available in a stunning array of colours that reproduce the gorgeous warmth of natural timber and have a truly Scandi inspired raw-look finish.

Roccia Tiles

3. The Concrete Look

Cool, icy colour palettes are a big part of Scandinavian interiors, perfect for contrasting warm wooden textures, candles and soft light. Given that the Scandinavian focus is on organic, functional elements, concrete-effect tiles naturally become any Scandi interior’s best friend. A stylish option for either wall or floor tiles, look for paler, textured styles of concrete that will add subtle depth and interest to a minimal Scandi home. Our La Roche concrete effect tiles are available in a sleek grey or warm brown shade, both ideal for a soft Scandi interior. Grains of texture and natural imperfections replicate poured concrete and realistic characteristics of stone, a key trait in achieving an authentic Scandinavian look. Nothing should be too prim and proper.

Roccia Tiles

4. Scandi Pattern

This may be surprising to some, but Scandi interiors can, in fact, be bold and fun. When it comes to decor or furnishings, pops of bold colour and fabrics can contrast whitewashed walls and flooring. However, you can introduce an element of playfulness and pattern in your floors and walls too. The key to incorporating pattern here is to maintain the balance. If you opt for a busier pattern or style, make sure to keep your colour palette minimal, perhaps focusing on white, grey or black. Colour should never venture from pastels, natural tones and subtle shades. It’s also important to replicate nature in some way. For example, a white marble floor can have veins of pastel pink in for a fun take on Scandi, or you can take natural stone textures and layer them in geometric patterns or interesting positions. As a rule of thumb, be playful with nature but never introduce more than one bold element, be it colour, texture or material. Our Scot tiles in white are the perfect example of introducing pattern into a Scandi interior, contrasting natural stone effects with colour and position for a striking modern look. Or, for a playful geometric twist, introduce our Brick Lane tiles in white to a bathroom or kitchen wall.

Roccia Tiles

Feeling inspired to start a Scandi look of your own? Use our interior trend tips to help you decide on the best way you can give your home’s floors or walls a refresh. Whether you’re wanting a full room re-design, or you’d like to complement your current decor, our range of high quality, durable and on-trend designs will add the perfect Scandi touch to your space.

If you would like to find out more information about our floor and wall tiles, please get in touch with our team or pop into one of our showrooms. Find your nearest Roccia showroom location or contact our friendly team who will be able to help you achieve your perfect Scandi look in no time.

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