The Beauty of Beige

Beige is far too often disregarded as a “boring” colour; the truth is, it’s anything but! It’s a beautiful colour that can be used to great effect in almost any room of your house, so it’s time to stop thinking of beige as a default dull colour, and start using it to create beautiful rooms.

beige kitchen

Beige covers a wide range of shades from bisque to toast, cream to cappuccino – if you’re starting to feel hungry or thirsty, then perhaps you’re already seeing the beauty of beige when it comes to the kitchen! Because of this wide range, there are many ways that you can use beige to great effect in your kitchen. You can use it as a neutral background against bright colours like red, contrast it with crisp, clean white for a very classic coffee and cream effect, or even contrast it with black for a modern, elegant look.

 beige and white bathroom

In the bathroom, you can use shades of beige combined with serene blues to evoke the sand and sea of the beach – a perfect way to create a relaxing and tranquil bathing environment – or layer different shades of beige to create a warm and calming effect that turns your bathroom into a soothing idyll.

Travertine wall tiles are an excellent way to use subtle shades of beige in any room; the beautiful, natural effect of this limestone has a classic appearance that is well suited to classical and contemporary styles alike. The undertones of travertine are a subtle range from yellow to pink, making it an excellent match for almost any colour scheme.

Because it’s a natural stone, there will be subtle variations in the shade that create instant interest and subtle atmosphere. By matching and echoing the subtle shades of your tile in your paintwork, accessories and furnishings, you can easily create an elegantly understated but effortlessly graceful atmosphere. With a range of tiles in different sizes, shapes and textures, you’ll find it easy to add further interest to draw the eye into particular features of the room.

Here at Tile Mart, we offer a wide range of tiles in all colours, shapes and sizes, so whether you’re looking for the perfect beige tile or something that’s a little more bold, why not contact us on 01772 550900 or visit your nearest showroom today?

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