The Meaning of Colour

When decorating your home, colour is definitely the most important aspect. Colours have the power to transform rooms making them appear larger in some respects and utterly stylish, however they also help to create certain moods and ambiences, as different colours are associated with different meanings. This is something that you can take advantage of, especially if you desire a particular atmosphere.

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At Tile Mart we stock a phenomenal range of tiles in a variety of colours, shades and patterns. We understand the effects that different colours have on your rooms, so read on and find out all about the meaning of colour and what it can do for your home!



Blue is the colour of peace, trust and intelligence. This really is the perfect shade for the bathroom; it is
soft, yet strong and utterly beautiful – plus it is available in a range of shades as part of our collection of quartz tiles.

This colour is versatile; it can be light and airy, or deep, dark and dramatic – perfect for both traditional and more contemporary design! Blue is an exceptionally popular colour – you really can’t go wrong with this gorgeous shade!

Where to use: Bathroom, study, bedroom, living room.



Red is the colour of passion and romance, however it can also be considered quite an angry shade, which is why you should be careful when you use red – it is an exceptionally powerful colour, but don’t be afraid of it; it can work wonders if used in the right way. Bright reds such as scarlet really ignite your senses and add an exciting aura to any room.

Using red in your home can add a sense of warmth like no other, which is perfect if your home feels cold! Deep reds are romantic so we recommend using it in the dining room and teaming with gold.

Where to use: Dining room, kitchen, contemporary bathrooms.



Bright, joyful and fresh, yellow is fantastic colour to use in your home if you desire an all-round summer feeling. This colour is exceptionally welcoming and will certainly create a friendly ambience in your home.

Yellow looks beautiful when contrasted with bright white; this combination never fails to look fabulous and trendy. Because of its friendly connotations it is best used in the kitchen – it’ll certainly wake you up in the morning and put a smile on your face. We recommend our Agatha tiles if you desire to decorate your home with yellow.

Where to use: Kitchen, dining room, living room, and bedroom.



Green is the colour of nature, there’s no doubt about that. This colour is the best way to add a sense of life and a feeling of joy to your home, especially if you choose to use a bright variation. Lime is definitely a colour for the contemporary home.

Deep green is classical and truly beautiful; it will certainly add a touch of class to your home. Pale greens will create a harmonious atmosphere, which is why green is such a good colour for the bedroom and bathroom – although, don’t choose 70’s olive green, that will date very quickly!

Where to use: Bedroom, bathroom, dining room, living room, and kitchen.



Pink is a variation of red, but is more subtle and a much more friendly colour. Soft and delicate, it’s a wonderful way to add a touch of beauty to your home. Pale pinks should be used in the bedroom.

On the other hand, bright pink can be glamorous, statement-making and passionate. Bright pink may be a little overpowering when used alone, but it really comes into its own when complemented with warm creams and delicate white shades. This colour combination looks beautiful in the bathroom!

Where to use: Bedroom, bathroom, dining room and living room.



Arguably white isn’t a colour, however, it does have an incredible effect when used in the home. White symbolises purity, innocence and divinity. Utterly simplistic yet marvellously sophisticated – a white room will never look out of style! If you desire a calming atmosphere for your home, we recommend that you have at least one white room.

White is exceptionally fresh; it’s classic and yet contemporary at the same time. It’s the perfect option for the bathroom – plus you can always add more colour with towels and home accessories! We recommend Versace tiles if you’re looking to create a sensationally relaxing style.

Where to use: Bathroom, kitchen, bedroom and living room.

Of course, there are many more colours than what we have discussed here, but hopefully, we’ve given you a taster in regards to what certain colours can do for your home. So consider what atmosphere you want to create throughout your home and choose the perfect colours for you!

At Roccia, as tile suppliers, we have an extensive collection of tiles in a range of colours! If you would like more information in regards to any of the products that we have on offer, please do not hesitate to get in contact. Call now on 01772 550900 to discuss online orders.

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