Timber Effect Ceramic Tiles

At Tile Mart we are passionate about the provision of only the highest quality tiles, such as our polished porcelain tiles. Just as you are selective with your wallpaper or your furniture, so too should you be selective with your flooring; there is such a vast range out there that you are bound to risk overlooking the perfect choice for you. For example, have you ever considered timber effect ceramic tiles? These are currently one of the hottest trends in the design community, so let them take you by storm.

Natural Looking

Through the use of digital printing we are able to produce the rich and organic appearance of wood directly onto ceramic tiles. Wood is rife with all sorts of varieties of shading, aging and knots, so through digitally printing these onto the ceramic, we are ensuring your floor is looking ultra-authentic. The natural look can provide your room with a certain charm that other tiles may be lacking, through a great deal of shading variation. Equally, because it is printed on, you could also potentially select a wood that may otherwise be too expensive for use as flooring if you were to purchase the real thing.


Our timber effect ceramic tiles are particularly durable. Their hard-wearing nature makes them excellent for busy areas in the house, as well as the fact that they are resistant to water and stains, as well as standing up excellently to scratches and scuffs.


Malleable to Your Style

The range of timber effect tiles you can find is perfect for fitting in with your particular and individual style. With such a vast range of colours, you can apply whichever shade or style you like to your unique chic. Lighter coloured tiles, such as our Timber B/20/R, can serve to brighten a darker room, as well as providing a clean appearance. Alternatively, the mid to warm tone of the Timber /15/R acts as a neutral shade to fit a whole range of applications, and provides a timeless alternative to a lighter shade.

Conversely, there are darker tiles on the market which can provide your room with a warm exotic feel, topping your room off with a sense of rich luxury. And within the range of each tile, there are such things as distressed tiles which can look yet more genuine; whilst hinting towards a vintage appearance, they lean towards the authenticity through looking somewhat weathered.


Helped due to being durable, these timber effect ceramic tiles are really easy to maintain. If you are one to clean your tiles fairly regularly you won’t really notice them getting dirty at all, and because they are easy clean, even the lazy cleaner will have no excuse!



The timber effect tiles not only opt for a range of shades and application of knots, etc, in the digital printing, they also attempt to mimic the nature of the material by creating a slightly bumpy surface. Much like authentic wooden floors, this is done in an exceptionally comfy manner and only lends itself furthermore to the dedication to authenticity that these tiles undertake. The bumpy surface also has the happy effect of making the tile that little bit more non-slip and thus makes them particularly useful in wet areas, such as in your bathroom.

Value for Money

With all of the above benefits and features, they are fantastic value for money. They provide your house with a long-lasting and authentic flooring solution, meaning that you not only get to enjoy the luxury of quality flooring in your own home, but you get to enjoy it long into the future.

So if you would like to speak to one of our friendly flooring professionals with regards to discussing your potential flooring needs and the services we have available, don’t hesitate to give us a call. You can contact us on 01772 367559 for Preston and 01204 846111 for Bolton, where one of our team will be eagerly awaiting the opportunity to give your home this authentic look, today!

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