Trendy Tiles: Unique Ways of Using Tile

While things such as porcelain floor tiles make a great addition to any home, they are a number of different and unique ways to use tile in your home. So because we know you’re just as passionate about tile as we are, and because sharing is caring, here some of the most creative ways which you can use tile in the home.

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Create an indoor garden

Never doubt the power of flowers- or flower power as you might call it. Anyway, what we’re trying to say is flowers are always in fashion. Whether they’re the first thing you see, or they just sit quietly in the corner, you can’t deny that flowers convey a sense of joy and life, while also complementing any colour scheme your house might have. So when looking for some new tiles, you could try some with floral design or match colours to create that indoor garden look.

Showcase your photographs

Yes, that’s right; you can use tiles to show off your special memories. Picture this scenario- you’re all alone, cooking away and missing company. You look up from your stove, to see your tiled surface and it contains all your fondest memories. All of sudden, cooking on your own doesn’t seem so lonely!

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Wooden floors without the wood

It’s hard to doubt that the wooden floor is a great look for any home. A wooden floor inspires the idea of yester-years and sophistication, as if we are in the Victorian home of some aristocrat. So why not blend the old with the new and create a wooden floor look with your tiles, with the bonus of not having all that annoying squeaking. Our fifth Avenue collection has some great pieces if this is the route you want to take.

Create your own palace

Have you seen our blog post on Versace tiles? Because these would look great if you wanting to bring a look that beams with sophistication and class.  With a focus on both classic and contemporary schools of design, you can easily give you home the feeling of a palace.

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Form your own Japanese Sanctuary

After the arrival of Japanese clothing in western society in the mid-nineteenth century, the style has continued to inspire interior design to this day. To create this look, you want to look for more floral patterns combined with a white colour.

Hopefully, this list has inspired you to find a unique look of your own; a look to make your tiles scream of creativity and vision!

Maybe you need some help with this, or you’re ready for a makeover? Either way, allow Tile Mart to supply you with some of the best tiles around! If you’d like to discuss your specific needs with a member of our team then please don’t hesitate to get in touch, online or at 01772 550900.

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