Why We Love Tiles and Why You Should Too

Why We Love Tiles and Why You Should Too

It should be obvious to even the most casual observer that here at Tile Mart, we’re quite keen on tiles. In fact, we love tiles, their versatility, durability, and the wide range of colours and designs they’re available in! Tiled floors or walls can be fitted to any room of your home, either for pragmatism or just for decorative purposes, to create stunning designs that will compliment any home.

Just to spread to our appreciation of tiles even further, we’ve created a list of advantages that tiles have over other materials you may use to cover floors or clad walls, such as carpets, hardwoods and laminates.

Water Resistance

Ceramic tiles are extremely resistant to water, which unsurprisingly is why they are often found in kitchens, bathrooms and wet rooms. With a moisture absorption rate of less than 0.5% there’s no likelihood that tiled surfaces will become damaged by moisture or dampness, unlike carpets, which are totally unsuited to rooms where water is present, and wall paper, which peels in damp environments.

Tiled Bathroom

However, just because tiles are extremely resistant to water doesn’t mean their use should be limited to the kitchen and bathroom. A beautifully tiled hallway will make an impression on guests in your home, plus it’s easy to clean up muddy footprints and rain water in the winter months. Tiled floors can also look great in the dining room, the conservatory or outdoor areas such as a veranda.


The long lasting durability of tiled surfaces is another reason why they are such a popular choice for home interiors. Tiles do not crack easily and they’re very resistant to impact. It would take an extremely heavy and hard item dropped from a good height onto a tiled floor to crack a tile. In an event that a tile is cracked, then that single tile can be replaced; you don’t need to replace the entire floor.

Tiled Kitchen

This advantage is particularly apparent when compared to carpet, which wears down over the years. Also, if a carpet is stained by liquid or burned by a cigarette, then it’s not easy to effectively replace just the damaged portion.

A properly installed and well maintained tiled surface will last for years. We’d expect a good quality installation to last for upwards of twenty years, if looked after properly.

Easy to Clean

Keeping tiles clean and looking fresh is a simple and hassle-free task. We wish we could say the same for carpets, but regrettably something as insignificant as a spilt glass of wine can lead to costly cleaning & shampooing, which may not even eliminate the stain. However, if you spill the same glass of wine on a tiled floor, then a quick wipe with a kitchen towel is all that’s needed.

Sweeping or light vacuuming with a brush attachment, plus mopping from time to time is all it takes to keep tiled floors perfectly clean. Tiled walls can also be easily cleaned with a soft cloth and some cleaning fluid. If you like your cleaning routine to be quick and effortless, tiles are the way to go.

Tiled Bathroom

A further advantage of tiles related to cleanliness is their appeal to individuals who suffer from allergies. As the hard and solid surface of tiles does not hold dust, pollens and other allergens in the same way carpet does, a home with tiled floors is a blessing to people who suffer from severe asthma or other allergies.

If you require new tiles for any room in your home then we have a superb selection available to purchase online. Contact Tile Mart directly or give us a phone call on 01772 550900 for information about our online ordering. We also have showrooms in Preston and Bolton where you’ll find an enormous range of tiles to choose from.

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