Bathroom Brands

Acquabella presents a new avant-garde for bathroom design. Allowing customers to go beyond their imaginations and create a bathroom under the highest standards of innovation and quality. Providing an extensive range of Spanish made bathtubs, sinks, showers, washbasins, and dynamic bathroom furniture. Intricately crafted from environmentally friendly materials such as, Dolotek and Akron. Acquabella bathrooms stand out from the crowd.

Doloteks chemical and physical properties enable it to easily be moulded into complex and functional shapes that are of a high-quality and durability. Its non-porous and continuous surface makes cleaning, faster and more comfortable.

Akron is a compound of polyurethane and mineral fillers. Its surface is treated with a polyurethan-acrylic coating that provides exceptional chemical and physical properties and resistance to UV radiation. Its easy to cut properties, allow it to be manufactured into unique shapes and create various designs.

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