2018 Tile Trends to Watch Out For

Trends come and go, and as we draw the curtains on yet another year of interior design delights, we also welcome a whole new set of fantastic tiling trends.

While the classics will never go out of style, they can sometimes feel a bit safe, allowing new 2018 trends bring a whole new dimension to interior design.

So, without further ado, what does Team Roccia think is going to be the talk of the town in 2018?

Metallic Tones

We’ve seen metallic tones become centre stage in many aspects of the world; fashion, interior design and even in wedding décor, but we now welcome these wonderful tones to the world of tiles.

Invite copper, brasses, and other characterful metals into your space this year to be bang on trend and create an inviting and distinguishing space. They aren’t just perfect for a splashback in a bathroom or kitchen but great for a feature wall in the lounge, bedroom, and even the dining room.

The Dark Side

In the past we have invited bright, light colours and textures into our tile choices. However, 2018 is going over to the dark side, with popular choices being black and dark purple hues. These darker shades give an opulent and luxurious feel, providing a welcome break to lighter contrasting tones.

To add extra style, use contrasting to your advantage. For every dark surface try to bring in aspects of light to create a focal point. For example, a black mosaic tile (seen below) could be surrounded by whitewashed walls.

Up the Texture

Texture in tiles? Yes, and it is one of the great trends making its way to our tile wish list this year. Nobody wants a smooth surface in 2018, and with a textured surface becoming more popular with every moving month, we want to be involved.

When it comes to textured tiles, Roccia has a range of fantastic patterns and textures. Use them effectively to create a textured feature wall in any room; your kitchen, living room, bathroom, dining area and even the bedroom.

They can add a different dimension to a space, not to mention added focal fun.

Brand it!

Everyone loves to indulge in a top of the range, luxury brand when possible; and this goes for tiles too. With well-known high-quality brands, such as Versace, delving into the world of tiles, we will see many more interior design lovers showing off these products with pride.

Versace tiles are a great way to add a touch of opulence and sophistication into your home while creating a practical and authentic space.

Roccia’s collection of Versace tiles demonstrate the true evolution of Versace home to tiles and their spirit and passion for interior design.

Mixing Textures and Wood

Wooden tiles have already been a staple classic and, luckily for you and us, they aren’t going anywhere for 2018. In fact, they are going to be even more popular.

While also fitting in with the trend of added texture, a wooden tile presents all the benefits of actual wooden flooring, but with much more simplicity.

With natural and industrial looks becoming so prominent, wood effect tiles will be the primary option for many people this new year. While originally you may have chosen just one textured style tile, 2018 is the year to mix it up and get creative.

So why not mix and match a wood effect tile with a marble Versace tile for contrasting designs to liven up a space?

After more than 20 years in the tile industry, the team at Roccia aren’t just experts in engineering, customer service and, of course, tiles – we also like to think we know a thing or two about what’s going to be big.

If you are interested in finding out what else will be big in the world of interior design in 2018, you can download our informative ebrochure. This 22-page brochure gives you an exclusive insight into some of the biggest interior design trends, including industry expert interviews and much more.

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