Roccia Engineering

At Roccia we believe in creativity, innovation and inspiration. Our engineering department is literally using ‘cutting-edge’ technology to open up the possibility of what can be achieved.

Our engineering department is focused on interior design innovation, using advanced waterjet technology, to create bespoke and beautiful displays. The waterjet machine cuts through almost anything and is ideal for architects, artists, sculptors and interior designers to be able to use a range of materials, push boundaries and create amazing masterpieces.

Let your imagination run wild and contact our experienced in house design team today on 01772 821260 or email at


Design & PlanningWaterjet Cutting


Design & Planning

Experienced in-house design team

Individually tailored to your needs

Knowledgeable Sales Staff

Free Consultation


Waterjet Cutting

Cuts through almost anything

Accurate & intricate designs

3-axis & 5-axis cutting


Bespoke Mosaics

Bespoke Mosaics

Wide styles & colours

Meshed backed

Easy installation

Decorative Screens

Decorative Screens

Any Size

Any Colour

Any Material

Bespoke PanelsBespoke Panels

Bespoke Panels

Bespoke Corporate Logo





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