3 Ways to Style Your Tiles

Tiling is a great and inexpensive way to completely change a room’s aesthetic in a quick and dramatic timescale. By changing your tiling décor, a room can swiftly be transformed into a traditional beauty or modern-day chic styling.

Today’s tiling ranges are forever expanding, and there isn’t much you can’t find within a tile design these days. However, the ever-returning and season’s favourite is the subway (larger and rectangular in size) and is fast becoming the must-have trend of the year, suitable for all kitchens, bathrooms and entranceways!

Larger scale tiles are natural, easy to incorporate style-wise to any pre-furnished room and can give even the simplest of surroundings an uplifting and fresh alternative.

Here are a few of our favourite ways to use larger tile styles for the upcoming 2014 trend palettes to give your home a new lease on life.

Unique wallpaper


Recent interior design trends absolutely love the clash of quirky style prints against plain and simplistic tiles – especially in living rooms and bathrooms. The plain tiles can give louder and more-out-there wallpaper designs a ‘pop’ and create a harmonious yet contemporary décor for any home. Pastel shades against neutral hues offer softness without making any drastic changes.

Metallic Renaissance


Metallic appearances are everywhere and offer sleek textural trends in the form of traditional and unique metal design qualities. Gone are the gold and silver days; this season it’s all about the tarnished coppers and the seen-better-days pewter for a really vintage and lived-in feel. For extra impact, complement tile tones with fresh white and match furnishing palettes for consistency throughout décor.

Splashes of Colour


For chic and contemporary tile styling – use micro or large scale tiles in a block white palette and add slight splashes of colourful accents to make an impact. Bright and bold shades including greens, yellows, pinks and blues can give a summery and modern lift to any predominantly white room. Colour popping is the on-trend must this season and is a handy and easy-to-change style touch year after year.


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