Kitchens can be messy places, so kitchen tiles need to possess some specific properties to help them excel. Here at ROCCIA, we stock a huge selection of kitchen floor tiles and kitchen wall tiles from a wide assortment of fantastic brands and collections, so you can be sure of finding something that’s perfectly suited to your styles and tastes. We started trading way back in 1994, with the aim of bringing as much choice in tiles to our local community as possible, and now we’re confident that our promises of quality, choice and service – not to mention fantastic tiles at competitive prices – can be fulfilled to meet your every need time and again.


Use Your Kitchen Tiles the Way You Want

When you are looking to buy kitchen tiles of any description, the number one factor to consider is undoubtedly hygiene, and tiles really excel in this respect. Surfaces that are both waterproof and that possess antibacterial properties are mainstays within kitchens, and the stains and marks that so easily build up need to be readily cleanable. The moisture and stain resistance of our kitchen tiles enhances their natural durability, making them the perfect backdrop for any kitchen in terms of pure functionality. When you depend on tiles, you’re depending on a backdrop that’s been built to last, so they’re a long-term investment that you certainly won’t regret.

However, a focus on hygiene doesn’t mean you can’t choose to have a great looking product too! The growing popularity of kitchen tiles being used for countertops lies in their stylish and functional nature. For a family household, they are particularly effective, as they are easy to clean, and using any kind of bleach will not damage or weaken the tiles, avoiding the possibility that they will degrade in appearance over time. Added to these benefits, they do not absorb odours, nor do they provide a place for allergens or bacteria to develop, making them a safe and useful addition to your kitchen.

In the case of our kitchen tiles, you’ll also find that they’re extremely hard wearing. The kitchen is probably one of the busiest rooms within most homes, experiencing heavy footfall, but with our tiles your floor will look new for years to come. Our range of kitchen tiles are fully in line with the standards of The Tile Association, as they will understandably be subjected to a wide variety of stresses, strains and substances. Not only this, but both our kitchen tiles are also able to boast virtually no absorption, as well as being temperature resistant enough to handle hot pans and frozen foods alike.


Quality Materials Used for All Kitchen Tiles

At ROCCIA, most of our tile collections tend to be crafted from ceramic or porcelain: two materials that are very similar, yet not identical. Porcelain is typically a little harder than ceramic, mainly as a result of the clay in its composition being more refined, and the temperature of its firing being far higher, and therefore it offers a certain degree of additional design flexibility. This is doubly true when you factor in ROCCIA’s hi-tech waterjet engineering technology, which allows us to cut through nearly anything and create designs and styles of kitchen tile that are both accurate and intricate. Both porcelain and ceramic are well suited to tiles, although porcelain tends to offer the tougher composition, as well as greater resistance to scratching and staining.

Ceramic, on the other hand, comes with the benefits of being a little cheaper in price and is more straightforward for artisans to cut using less advanced methods than waterjet cutting, which are both important considerations to bear in mind (depending on your requirements). Whichever way you go, ROCCIA’s kitchen tiles are manufactured from some of the finest quality materials you’ll find, which means that you can always rest assured of superb quality. Our ranges are typically imported from brand leaders within the field of Italian and Spanish tile manufacture, so they are flawless in terms of both form and function.


Kitchen Tiles for Splashbacks

One of the most common ways to utilise kitchen tiles to create a striking kitchen aesthetic is via a splashback. In fact, at one time this used to be the only common situation where you’d see tiles used in a kitchen. Situated behind messy hubs of the kitchen like sinks or hobs, splashbacks can catch flecks of fat or liquid right away. Because of the innate properties of tiles, such a spillage won’t be an issue, whereas fat on wallpaper certainly would be! Added to this, a small expanse of kitchen tiles like you’d find on a splashback is a great way to showcase your personality, as you can choose a few bright spot colours to help create the sort of mood you prefer. Attractive and practical, what could be better? The colour you decide upon can even be functional. For example, if your kitchen is a little on the gloomy side, then something like white kitchen tiles can help to maximise the natural light and convey a sense of spaciousness that you may not otherwise have. Don’t think that the texture of our kitchen tiles exclusively lends itself to smooth and glossy aesthetics either, because that’s not necessarily the case (although it can be, if you want!). We have a full range of textures and finishes on offer, and textured or bevelled surfaces can definitely be preferable where kitchen tiles are concerned, as they tend to offer a little extra grip when the tiles are damp.


Other Common Kitchen Aesthetics

Of course, splashbacks aren’t the only way to use your kitchen tiles, as there are several other tried and tested aesthetics that have withstood the test of time, or that are making waves today. For example, wood effect kitchen tiles, when paired with some exposed beams and coloured wooden cabinets, are a superb way to suggest that genuine ‘farmhouse’ appearance. Similarly, if your kitchen interior has exposed brickwork, then a few expanses of tiles  can evoke an “industrial” theme that remains very popular within many homes. Inversely to these two classical aesthetics, tiles can also be used in conjunction with glasswork and a restrained, monochromatic colour palette to decorate a very postmodern kitchen, so they’re extremely flexible within both contemporary and traditional looking environments. Simply choose your tiles to reflect the style of the rest of your room, and you’ll have a great looking space in no time.

If you’re not limited by an existing kitchen, and instead are selecting tiles to fit with a totally new kitchen, then you can really take advantage of ROCCIA’s broad range of designs. Whilst it’s one thing to give an old kitchen a facelift using some well-chosen tiles, designing the look of your kitchen literally “from the tiles up” can give you a helping hand in achieving one of our established aesthetics, or even your very own style, resulting in your kitchen truly being one to remember. Whatever you’re working with, your kitchen will get the care and attention it deserves when you rely on ROCCIA to supply your tiles.


Buy Kitchen Tiles & Benefit from a Highly Professional Service

With both porcelain and ceramic kitchen tiles available in store and online, you are able to either browse our range from the convenience of your home, or drop in to visit us to see how a particular tile fits in with the look of your kitchen. We have an extensive collection to choose from – whether you are looking to update your home with high specification wall tiles or durable and hard-wearing floor tiles – so you’ll always find the ideal tiles with ROCCIA. Don’t forget that we have a team of in-house designers on hand as well, enabling us to make certain that any specific design ideas you may have are realised as accurately as possible, and we can even lend our expertise and experience to a situation to make certain of the best possible outcome. As if this variety wasn’t enough, you can also enjoy the advantages of ROCCIA’s Price Promise and flexible delivery options, enabling you to buy your tiles at a fantastic price, and then receive your order exactly how you want.


Contact ROCCIA for High Quality Kitchen Tiles

If you’d like to know more information about some of our particular kitchen tiles or our luxury kitchen brands, please contact us or come and visit one of our showrooms; our tiling and flooring experts will be happy to discuss what you want for your kitchen. Our showrooms are located in Preston and Bolton, and they are great places to visit if you’d like to see the tiles from our website in person, or if you’re at the beginning of a project and would like to soak up a little inspiration and get some ideas. Our Preston showroom is the UK’s largest tile and bath dedicated premises, with over 20,000 square feet of space on offer, and it’s one of the most comprehensive such facilities in the whole of Europe too. Alternatively, if you can’t get to our Preston or Bolton showrooms, then you can still enjoy the ROCCIA experience either over the phone or online. Feel free to give us a call on 01775 550900 to chat over your tiling options today. However you choose to get in touch with us, we’ll be happy to help!