4 Easy Ways to Get Space in Your Bathroom

Everybody wants a large and spacious bathroom, but in some houses the bathroom is just not that big, and an extension is an expensive job. Thankfully, there are a few easy ways to get more space in your bathroom without having to make any structural changes. In this blog, we’ll be looking at a few of the simple ways that you can make your bathroom more spacious.


A little tip that interior designers use to make a room look far bigger is to direct people’s eyes upward towards the ceiling. This gives the effect of elongating the room in people’s minds and can make even the smallest of bathrooms look more spacious. The effect is very easy to achieve and can be done by using vertically striped wallpaper or a tall and skinny shower door. Another way to do this would be to add in a skylight that would also increase the room’s lighting, but this isn’t as easy.

Use Light & Mirrors

An effective way to make your bathroom look bigger than it is is to use lighting and mirrors in a way that creates a magic trick-like effect to suggest an illusion of space. Instead of hanging light fixtures, opt for recessed lighting that won’t take up any more space than it needs to. Install mirrors facing each other to create a hall-of-mirrors effect that will make your bathroom appear much larger.

Create More Floor

Floor space is one of the biggest dictators of how big a room will seem to people. Regardless of whether you have a tiled, wooden or carpeted floor, covering up your floor with objects that don’t really need to be there will shrink your room. Remove any magazine racks, plant pots or plungers that are just sitting around and doing nothing. Be relentless in your floor clearing mission and you will quickly uncover space in your bathroom out of thin air.

Don’t Break It Up

If your bathroom is already small, don’t make it seem even smaller by breaking it up into sections. This is a must in large rooms, but can quickly turn a small room into a cupboard. Instead of having a shower curtain, opt for a glass shower door that will open your room up a bit more.


Hopefully, these tips will have inspired you to make a little extra space in your bathroom. Here at Roccia, we are tile suppliers of a wide range of high-quality tile products, including our stunning collection of mosaic tiles. For more information about our fantastic selection of products, don’t hesitate to contact us today on 01772 258 998 and a member of our team will be happy to help.


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