Adding Class to Your Home With Natural Stone Tiling (Part 1)

When you’re decorating your home you’re likely to have a theme in mind. Some want to go for a traditional look, others a more modern feel. Regardless of the theme there’s always space to add some class and make your home look ten times better.

One of the best ways you can do this is with some natural stone tiling in your kitchen and bathroom, whether it be the floor or walls. As tile suppliers we’ve got a few tips on how you can create the sophisticated look throughout your home using these stunning natural stones.



Granite is the most common type of igneous rock and can be used to create a whole load of looks for tiles. They are made up of 20% quartz, as well as some mica and feldspar, as well as differing amounts of other minerals. It is these other minerals that dictate the overall colour of the stone; from light pink, red and even black.

The crystal structure of granite means that they aren’t at all porous and won’t absorb any water or other substances on their surface. Combined with their resistance to chemicals, this means that you can use cleaning products on them without the worry of affecting the stone.



Quartz is another beautiful material to use in your home and is a mineral composed of silicon and oxygen molecules. To make quartz tiles, the crystal is broken down and mixed with a resin, making the resulting tile very strong. The resin mix also means that the tiles can come in a wide range of colours, all having the bright sparkle of the quartz crystals.

Just like granite, the quartz tiles are completely waterproof and don’t stain, making them extremely versatile for use in both the kitchen and bathroom. Because of the wide range of colours, patterns of your choice can easily be achieved.



You may not have heard of travertine, but it is a form of the fairly well known limestone. The stone is produced from the mineral deposits left behind in natural springs. It is naturally cream coloured with a cloudy and mottled pattern due to the tiny microbes and algae that live on its surface as it is produced.

The Greeks used to love this kind of stone and you may recognise its look from the many statues they produced using it. Travertine also produces stunning tiles too, that will give a classy look to any bathroom or kitchen.


Here at Roccia we supply all of these stunning stones as tiles so that you can craft the home you want. From granite to travertine, you’ll find what you need with us to add a bit of class to your kitchen and bathroom. If you’d like more information about what we can provide, don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team on 01772 258998 and we’ll be happy to help.

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