Define Space and Purpose with a Schuller Kitchen

At Roccia, we are proud to stock Schüller – a German kitchen brand with nature and their customers at heart.

As a brand, they understand that each household needs a kitchen as individual as themselves, which is why they offer kitchen designs that are completely bespoke and customisable to meet each person’s requirements. Whether you’re part of a big, busy family, or you’re half of a professional couple, you’re sure to find exactly what you’re looking for with Schüller.

No matter what your living situation is, everyone needs a bit of space. This is why the brand pride themselves on defining space and purpose and giving life to each kitchen with clever storage solutions, backed with their open plan nature and Feng Shui focus.

Today, we’re taking a look into the ethics behind Schüller kitchens and how they work as a brand, as well as giving our readers a run-down of three of our favourite ranges that we stock here at Roccia.

kitchen, grey alcohol bottles scattered around

Schüller’s Open Plan Nature and Feng Shui Focus

According to the brand themselves, Schüller are “infused by nature” and carefully combine both ecology and economy to create their sustainable company which benefits their customers as well as their business. This is because they understand how important kitchens are – they are at the centre of every home. They are the place where meals are made and eaten, families come together for celebrations and great conversations are had. Schüller understand the overlap of living, eating and dining and therefore aim to create an open plan space with room for everyone to enjoy those moments, comfortably.

To assist with this, they have a great focus on Feng Shui. Although this has become a popular phrase amongst interior designers in recent years, the concept comes from ancient China. With Feng meaning “wind”, and Shui meaning “water”, the idea is derived from astrology. Burial plots would be positioned to align with stars, with this evolving to be the connection between human life and the environment which we can see today in design trends.

Schüller kitchens are carefully crafted with this in mind to ensure that the customer is completely satisfied and they are achieving maximum potential and happiness from their kitchen.

Storage Solutions

Schüller aim to help every customer make the most of the space that they have, which is why they offer fantastic storage solutions to suit every home. They have a large catalogue of special units and inserts which fit comfortably in their kitchen designs in order to guarantee maximum efficiency throughout. Minimalism is something that many of us strive for when designing our kitchens and so if the no-mess, no-clutter look is for you then so are Schüller kitchens. Take a look at the full range on our website, or come and visit our Preston kitchen showroom to see for yourself.

pans, bowls storage in the kitchen cabinate

The Finer Details

At Roccia, we know that no two kitchens are the same – whether that be how they look or how they’re used, each one is completely personal. This is why we are proud to stock Schüller, who work hard to ensure that every kitchen is right for its household. They offer an array of different customisable options so that you can ensure every inch of your space is utilised to its full potential. In each of the Schüller ranges we offer at Roccia, you are able to choose from multiple colourways. Pictured below is the Vienna kitchen in lava satin black with a juxtaposing bianco marble-effect countertop, however this range is available in 23 different colours. Together with a choice of storage solutions and other fine details, a completely unique kitchen is guaranteed.

man making food with dog, relaxing in back coloured kitchen

Some of Schüller’s Fantastic Ranges

In our Preston kitchen showroom, we stock thirteen Schüller ranges. With the possibilities they all have as individual kitchens, it was difficult to choose just three to feature here today. We don’t have favourites around here, so head over to our website to see all of our Schüller kitchens.

Fino, Strato and Crown

The Fino range is perfect for busy families who need some extra storage to hide away all the baking equipment and Sunday dinner dishes. It comes equipped with clever storage solutions as well as those stunning floor to ceiling cupboards pictured. Schüller effortlessly bring in their Feng Shui ethos with the kitchen island, which creates the open plan space.

mother and daughter in kitchen, both happy, (white and pink kitchen)

Their Strato range is perfect for people with an eye for detail. With a choice of onyx black, crystal white, or agate grey matt finishes, your kitchen will no doubt become a talking point. The natural knotty oak effect juxtaposes the fronts beautifully, as pictured and ties together the company’s natural living feel. Ideal for busy people, this range comes with incredible anti-fingerprint technology so messy fingerprints on the surfaces are few and far between – meaning less cleaning!

Schüller’s Crown range radiates elegance with the combination of the metallic fronts and the sleek sliding island doors (pictured below). The ideal kitchen design for those with green fingers, this range comes with some additional features including a garden panel with special LED lighting to assist plant and herb growth.

black, storage stops in black modern kitchen


To find out more about any of the ranges discussed, and to discover more, please take a look at all our Schüller kitchens on our website. Even better, come and visit us in person at our impressive kitchen showroom in Preston where you can step into a Schüller kitchen for yourself. For any questions in the meantime, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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