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Quality you can depend on; kitchens for life. Schüller is a German brand with nature and the customer at its heart. The brand recognises that the needs from a kitchen differ for each home; for example a professional couple are looking for a different kind of kitchen than what is needed in a bustling family home. That is why they offer kitchen designs that can be customised to match your requirements.

The open plan nature of a Schüller kitchen helps you define space and purpose. The brand puts focus on Feng Shui, with the idea of creating a space that offers the maximum happiness for the home. The inclusion of breakfast bars and islands gives the option to create an informal space to enjoy socialising with friends and family.

Making the most of the space available is key to Schüller and you will find storage in every available unit. The space saving nature of these kitchens achieve the maximum efficiency when it comes to storage, yet the designs achieve a minimalist nature that so many strive for. The brand strives for innovation, and everything has been developed to help you enjoy your kitchen more, from the specialist grip ledges that are in place for their handleless kitchens, to the lighting strips placed within drawers and cupboards which will help you find the items you are looking for easily.

With such a variety of options when it comes to colours, unit heights and finishing touches, Schüller kitchens are perfect when you want a kitchen that meets your every need. Speak to our expert team at the Roccia Kitchen Showroom today and put together your ideal Schüller kitchen.

Please call us on 01772 258998 or book an appointment and discover our luxury kitchen brands.