Go Natural With Your Décor

You can’t beat natural stone in a home, and many home owners try to use a property’s traditional built walls for décor and aesthetic purposes. Whether your home is a contemporary or traditional build, you too can have that open stone wall effect in any room of the house.

Open stone doesn’t necessarily have to be the age-old wonky misshaped brick style we all imagine when thinking of stone walls, a style you often see in rustic or country cottage style properties.

Stone walls are fast becoming an interior trend and there is a stone style for pretty much any interior. So, here are a few of the most unique natural stone tiles to give your home a traditionally stone aesthetic with a contemporary tiling twist.

Ice Cube White


The Scorpion White Quartzite tile creates a striking feature that will perfectly compliment any living space. This unique and unusual tiling option offers the ideal problem-solver for any wonky or misshaped walls due to its no grouting and limitless material creativity quality! This is the must-have tile of the season and will give your home a touch of simplistic texture and unique aesthetic.

Mythical Mosaic


Embrace history and include a touch of mythical magic into your home. The latest stone tiles include micro mosaic tiles in a variety of shapes, colourings and configurations to provide walls with a historic and traditional décor. The Octagan Chiaro tile is ideal for a home that mixes traditional with contemporary in a slick and stylish manner. Micro tiles are most effective in neutral and burnt tones to give a real warmth to floors and walls.

Traditional Travertine


Travertine has been an identifiable material for some of the world’s most historic monuments, and is sourced from Italy, Turkey and France. Travertine tiles give any home a natural yet polished finish, and create a luxuriously relaxed atmosphere. The travertine tile range offers the perfect palette of natural hues and delicate finishes to bring any bathroom, kitchen or interior décor to modern tradition.


Here at Tile Mart, we are proud to be one of the UK’s leading specialists of high quality and luxurious tile collections to suit any aesthetic. For further information regarding any of our beautiful tile ranges please feel free to get in contact with our friendly team on 01772 258 998 and tile your home to perfection today!

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