How to Make a Child-proof and Pet-proof Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the busiest and messiest rooms in the house; it is also one of the most dangerous and this is why you should take precautions to make it safe for your pets and children. There are endless hazards in the kitchen such as the oven, sharp objects, breakable objects and harsh chemicals that you should protect your child from. There also ways you can make your kitchen more mess proof which will help these energetic family members from wrecking the place. Our helpful guide of dos and don’ts guides you through precautions you should take it you have young children or you are getting a pet.



Do have a tiled floor – floor tiles are perfect for busy households because they are extremely hardwearing. Tiles can be made of synthetic materials such as ceramic, quartz resin or natural materials like slate and granite. All kitchen tiles from Tile mart are waterproof, scratch resistant and resistant to hash chemicals so you won’t have to worry about spills.

Do have a tall pedal bin- bins attract attention from pets because they smell of food. If a bin is small enough a dog will push it over in no time and ravage the contents. Either buy a tall, heavy bin with a pedal operated lid or better still, have the bin installed in a cupboard so that it swings out when the cupboard is opened.

Do buy temporary locks for low cupboards- small children are curious and they will explore anything they can. Low cupboards are a huge hazard because in kitchens they often contain sharp implements or harsh chemicals which can cause a child a lot of damage. Prevent accidents by installing child locks or pressure levers. You can buy these from hardware stores and off the internet.

Do have plastic or paper table cloths – if you have high quality furniture the last thing you want is your little one coming along with a crayon and scribbling on the table top. Throughout the younger years there may also be many spills and stains so buy a plastic table cloth which can be easily wiped or if your child insists on being artistic with their dinner, buy disposable paper cloths.

Do install plastic window film – if you have French windows in the kitchen these could get very mucky, both from sticky fingers and slobbery tongues. Make sure you protect he glass from smears and scratches by temporarily installing plastic window film. These might not look attractive but it’s just until your kids are old enough not to use the glass as a napkin.



Don’t have tall stools – for a small child, a stool in like a climbing frame, inviting them to adventure upwards. This extremely dangerous because they could easily fall off or worse, bring the stool toppling down on top.

Don’t have plants on the floor- plants and rampaging children or pets is a no-no. Imagine every time the kids chase each other round the house or the puppy comes to see you – if they brush past the plant it will go flying and you will end up sweeping soil and possibly shards of broken plant pot.
Don’t allow your pet to eat in the kitchen-
if you allow your pet to have their food in the kitchen they will make an assumption that any food in that room is available to them. You should feed your pet in a separate, secure room. Having food and water bowls in accessible places also means that young children could spill them, or worse, eat the dog food and we all know this leads to disgruntled pets and poorly children!
Don’t have fridge magnets low down-
again, this one is obvious, but any small objects that are within easy reach of little people can be removed, played with and chewed. If you have a magnetic fridge, restrict the magnets to the top half so they don’t become a hazard.

Don’t leave hot products unattended – this seems really obvious but you must be careful you never do it in case an inquisitive toddler or hungry pet climbs onto the surfaces to investigate. This includes leaving a hot brew on coffee tables, excess food in pots, and even leaving excess boiled water in the kettle can lead to potential disasters: if you’re not going to use it, pour it away or store it.


One of the most overlooked benefits of having a solid floor in your kitchen is that they are perfect for family homes. Tiled floors are durable and low maintenance. If any substances are dropped or spilled they can easily be wiped up. They won’t stain or scratch, even after years of wear and tear, and unlike carpet, any pesky pet hair won’t get ground in.

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