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If you’re looking to refocus your kitchen to make it the very heart of the home and not simply a room to prepare meals, then next125 kitchens could be the right choice for you.

With their timeless, open designs and functional, innovative technology, next125 kitchens focus on the essentials, giving you clean lines and plenty of personality. Where kitchens and life collide, the brand perfectly balances colour and functionality to create fascinating kitchens with exceptional detail.

The next125 brand

A German brand synonymous with reduction and aesthetics, next125 kitchens have soared in popularity in recent years. They create timeless kitchens that are perfectly crafted to be tailored to the individual customers’ requirements and even protect the environment while they do it.

Their sustainable practices include using recyclable materials and ensuring their processes are environmentally friendly, such as guaranteeing that their packaging materials are manufactured and disposed of in environmentally sound methods. This is all in aid of building elegant, exceptional kitchens that meet the highest design standards with optimum value for money. The brand believes that a kitchen is more than just a room for cooking; it is a reflection of a lifestyle.

next125 kitchen

Modern Design 

Not one for following fleeting trends; next125 focus on timeless, modern designs using authentic materials to create unique, functional kitchens. Their designs follow seven core principles that give their kitchens their composure and uniqueness:

  • Precision

With their clean lines, precise edges and stunning craftsmanship, next125 kitchens are all about attention to detail.

  • Elegance

Their designs focus on creating pioneering kitchens that set long-lasting trends.

  • Reduction

Their designs are focused around the metric grid size, which gives the kitchens their structure, presenting clean lines.

  • Function

Form follows function, and their kitchens’ ergonomic concept and creative organisation of interiors gives them a truly functional design.

  • Emotion

Their kitchens appeal to the senses and touch the hearts of people, as the kitchen is a place to feel happy.

  • Creativity

Their designs are based on intuition, inspiration and experience.

  • Technology

Their kitchens are state of the art and are manufactured economically, offering their customers good value for money.

These seven design principles can be found in every next125 kitchen, as they aim to craft kitchens that combine straightforward style with functionality.


Exquisite Colours

Kitchens from next125 fit on the entire colour spectrum, using the full range of colour combinations and tones. They utilise rich colours and offset them with natural tones to put individual spotlights in certain areas or set pieces consciously in the background.

Their deliberate use of colours creates openness and freedom, combining shades like crystal white with stronger tones like saffron and cognac. The alternation of colours and natural tones creates a simple elegance with vibrant accents whether high gloss or matt, dark red or pure white, the variety of materials and finishes available provide a vast spectrum of possibilities.

Next125 Kitchen Design

Flexible Form

Using cubist design to create clean lines and a clear style that is extremely flexible, next125 understand aesthetics are everything when it comes to the kitchen. This kind of form in the kitchen radiates calmness and structure, transforming the room into the true heart of the home.

With these precise metric grid sizes, their kitchens can be individually tailored to those using the kitchen, with the right amount of storage space. The cubist design can be found in the tiniest details, such as in the cutlery drawers to help storage space be utilised perfectly.

The brand believes that the kitchen is not just a place to cook, but it’s the centre of the home. Therefore, the modern kitchen needs to function as more than just a place for preparing food. The shelf is not just for the kitchen, but can also serve as a library; appliances are concealed behind retractable doors, and a free-standing cooking table combines both kitchen and living room, allowing you to talk to your guests. This blending of spaces invites you to combine cooking and living pleasure, thanks to next125’s geometric form.

Next125 Kitchen

Innovative Solutions

Thanks to their technical developments, next125 can provide innovative solutions to the modern kitchen, addressing people’s needs not only from a design perspective but from a functional approach. The result is kitchens brimming with timeless functionality that is fully tailored to individuals.

Their kitchens are designed in-house, and it’s here where the high-quality and innovative materials are transformed into their creative kitchens. All the surfaces, kitchen items and small details are perfectly crafted to the individual, thanks to their stunning variety of possible combinations. When you choose a next125 kitchen, you can really get creative when designing your own kitchen in terms of materials used, the shape, colours and other design elements.

Short-lived trends simply aren’t for next125; instead, they create long-lasting classic kitchens that provide timeless beauty. Their kitchens are manufactured with artisanal principles, combining design and technology to create truly innovative kitchens.

Kitchen Next125

To really appreciate the stunning craftsmanship that goes into every next125 kitchen, we recommend you visit our kitchen showroom in Preston. At Roccia, we have an extensive range of next125 kitchens on display, so do not hesitate to book an appointment with our kitchen specialists who have vast experience helping our customers achieve their dream kitchen.

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