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Next125 Kitchens at Roccia

Make your vibrant kitchen dreams a reality with a next125 kitchen. Next125 offers a vast array of designs for your future kitchen, with beautifully sleek kitchens in all the colours under the rainbow. The clean lines and grid-style kitchens available from next125 offer a minimalistic design, hiding away the unsightly items that kitchens have and allowing the room to feel clear of clutter. Space saving is at the heart of the next125 kitchen design, and you’ll find ample storage hidden away, offering a functional yet stylish area. For a kitchen as unique as you are, next125 is the place to go.

NX110 Laminated Front

The NX110 kitchen by next125 is the perfect kitchen for those looking for a clean contemporary look in their home. This collection combines durable and robust fixtures and fittings with melamine-resin coatings to provide a sleek appearance with durability at its core.

NX510 Matte Velvet Lacquer

If space-saving is on your list of priorities when designing your kitchen, then the NX510 Matte Velvet Lacquer is the one for you. This kitchen is a storage lover’s dream with retractable doors, discreet dishwaters, and hidden kitchen utilities.

NX505 Satin Lacquer

The NX505 is one of next125 kitchens that are created to make an impact in whatever home they are installed into. Available in 16 different colours, from brilliant yellow to deep shades of green, there is a Satin Lacquer kitchen for everyone, no matter your preferred aesthetic.

NX620 Wood Front

The perfect kitchen design for those who like the aesthetics of a traditional home but want the innovation and functionality of modern living: the NX620. Hide your kitchen utilities behind a choice of six wood effects; all built with solid wood to provide that charming character perfect for family homes.

NX640 Wood

Create your own unique style with an NX640 kitchen from next125. With a choice of ambient oak or distinctive walnut, their wooden fronts can be paired with one of six different décors, making the options extensive.

NX902/912 Matte Glass

The NX902/912 kitchen is reduced to the absolute necessities, meaning you can’t get caught up in clutter or mess. This seamless kitchen design from next125 is finished with toughened glass to provide a truly stunning overall look.

NX860/870 Solid Core Fenix

Give your kitchen the WOW factor with the centrally placed cooking table from the NX860/870 range. Guaranteed to captivate your guest’s attention with its high-tech, anti-fingerprint coating, this is the perfect choice for busy kitchens and the ideal star of the show for hosting.

NX950/960 Ceramic

One of the most elegant collections from next125, the NX950/660 blends marble-effect ceramics with wooden tones to create a unique feel to your kitchen. Available in six different colours, you can make this stunning kitchen design fit seamlessly into your home.

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