Porcelain’s the Word: Advantages of the Bathroom Tile

For many people, porcelain tiles may be a brand new concept and, in fact, they’re relatively new to the interior design scene. We’ve had many inclusions of porcelain into our homes over the decades such as ornaments and dolls, but not particularly as tiles. However, considering its many advantages, porcelain makes one of the best tile materials to have in your bathroom.

Advantage #1: Lappato Tiles

Lappato is an Italian word meaning semi polished. One advantage porcelain tiles have is that you can chose between a shiny finish or a lappato finish to your tiles. The lappato tile has an amazing double usage; a shiny finish to reflect light and give your bathroom that crystal clean, sparkly image, and a matt undertone which prevents any slips when wet. This great design character allow you to use porcelain tiles on your bathroom walls or on your bathroom floor.

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Advantage #2: Resostant Material

Just like every tile we provide, porcelain tiles are perfect for resisting moisture absorption. Protecting your walls from damp and mould, tiles act as another insulator to keep your house safe from the horrors of water damage. After all, just because we’re not in flooding season doesn’t mean the steam from your home can’t damage the decor of your house.

Porcelain is also very good at resisting staining and scratching. So when it comes to that time of the week again when you pull out your cleaning fluids, scrubbing brushes and marigold gloves, you’ll have no fear of damaging the immaculate colouring of your bathroom wall tiles. When you’re in a rush or having a new bathroom installed, you don’t need to worry about dropping heavy fixtures or cupboards on your tiled flooring because hey, it won’t scratch!

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And the reason your tiles will stay perfectly intact? Well that’s all down to advantage number 3.

Advantage #3: Endurance

Porcelain, to those who are unsure, is a very dense and very hard material. The overall property of a porcelain tile allows it to resist heavy impacts with very little, if any, damage. This advantage delivers a long lasting floor tile which handles the heaviest of weights and foot falls effortlessly. As a wall tile, porcelain is able to withstand the test of wall fixtures.


Advantage #4: Diversity

Our aim is to meet your needs to the absolute T. No matter what interior design you’ve decked your home out in, no matter what natural or outrageous colour scheme you have running through your rooms, we work to ensure that you can find the very best tile to suit you. We’ve spoken a lot about how mosaic tiles are a great interior design, and even how slate is a great addition to any kitchen, but now it’s time to let you in on a secret:

Porcelain tiles are just as diverse in appearance as our mosaic, granite, slate and marble tiles!

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And because our tiles fit seamlessly together, eliminating any messy or irregularities in your tiles designs, you can be sure that it’s not just your bathroom which would benefit from such an extraordinary tile; your kitchen and utility room would too!

So the next time you’re looking for the best tile to use in your home, don’t overlook the porcelain tile. It may not sound as exotic as marble or as rich as granite, but we can assure you, the advantages of this tile are endless! Interested in finding out more? For more information contact us today on 01772 258998 or visit one of our showrooms to see our porcelain tiles for yourself.

The Pros of Polished Porcelain

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