Wiping the Slate Clean: Why Slate is Perfect for Your Kitchen

When you come to redesign your kitchen there are several difficult decisions to make, and finally choosing what is perfect for you can take time. As well as factors such as colour scheme, appliances and layout, one decision that can be difficult is which materials to use.

Well, here at Tilemart we like to think of ourselves as expert in kitchen design so we thought that we would make a case for one of the most flexible and attractive materials out there; slate. With the modern trend for polished white everything coming to a close, the more rustic look of slate tiles is becoming ever more attractive to those who are looking to refurbish.

slate 2

So let’s take a little closer look at exactly what makes slate so great;

Natural Look

Undoubtedly the biggest factor in its popularity is the beautiful look; warm and natural slate makes any kitchen feel homely and comfortable. Whilst slate is classically seen as a roofing material, its hard composition also makes it perfect for a high traffic area such as the kitchen.

Range of Colours

Many people think that slate is only available in the dark grey that we are so used to seeing on roofs, but it actually has an extensive range of colours. From light, sandy beige to a mottled dark green, slate is incredibly flexible and can fit in with all but the most vibrant kitchen colour schemes.

slate 1

Natural patterns

The natural composition of slate means that no two pieces are the same and each piece has its own unique and distinct pattern. Not only does this give slate an attractive look, it also makes for a lovely intricate design that is unique to your kitchen. This patterning means that slate can even be used to create a feature or accent wall in your kitchen or indeed other rooms in your home.


Slate is also incredibly flexible, with an excellent natural hardness which means it can be used for both floors and walls. This means that you can choose to utilise either one, or tie the design together by having slate wall tiles as well as a slate floor.

As well as being a natural fit in the kitchen, slate tiles are also great for bathrooms and aren’t as slippery as traditional ceramic tiles. This allows you to match the design of your bathroom with the design of your kitchen for a pleasing aesthetic throughout.

Easy to Clean

Clean the Slate

One of the greatest joys of slate is that it is remarkably easy to clean and doesn’t show up stains in the same way that many other materials do. This makes it perfect for family kitchens as no scrubbing is required and even extensive messes can be cleaned up quickly and easily. Slate’s natural resistance to liquids also makes it great as a splash-back that repels grease and spills easily.

So if you’re looking for a hard wearing, attractive, easy to clean material to use for your kitchen or bathroom tiles then look no further than slate. And if you want to order them quickly and easily, with a guarantee of quality then you can be sure that Tilemart are here to help out.

Simply contact us today and our friendly team will be more than happy to help you take the first steps towards your new kitchen.

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