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Jacob and Sons Kitchens at Roccia

Jacob and Sons have provided quality, traditionally-inspired kitchens from their home in Lancashire since the early 90s. With a wealth of knowledge and an eye for style, the brand focuses on quality through hand-crafted bespoke fittings. All Jacob and Sons designs have space for living in mind and offer a place where friends and families can make unforgettable memories.

The kitchens offered by Jacob and Sons are wooden, timeless styles, with sustainability and their heart. The wood used is certified, and the brand focuses on the tree population, planting five trees in local forests for every one they use in their manufacturing process. Additionally, the offcuts of wood created in the process fuel the biomass furnace, which generates electricity for their Lancashire factory. Moreover, even the sawdust doesn’t go to waste; instead, it is collected and donated to local farmers to use as fertiliser.

With endless customisation, a Jacob and Sons kitchen offers a space as unique as you are.

Traditional English Kitchen

One of their two core kitchen designs, the Traditional English Kitchen, is truly the heart of the home. Its charming design welcomes you in, acting as the centrepiece of your life and becoming the perfect host to all your kitchen adventures. Whether baking with the children, putting on a Sunday roast, or cooking up breakfast for your loved one, this classically styled kitchen is your ideal backdrop and one guaranteed to make a statement. With its wooden features, secret pantries, and beautiful mantles, you’ll never find another kitchen that seamlessly blends tradition with modern ergonomics like this one.

Contemporary English Kitchen

The Contemporary English Kitchen by Jacob and Sons should be a staple in all family homes due to its timeless design paired with innovative modern technology. If you’re looking for a kitchen design that will stand the test of time due to its charming and classic characteristics and functionality of a contemporary kitchen, this is the design for your home. Allow Jacob and Sons to transform your kitchen with modern innovation and traditional aesthetics.

If Jacob and Sons is the luxury kitchen brand for you, speak to our award-winning kitchen design team at the Roccia Kitchen Showroom today. Please call us on 01772 258998 or book your FREE design consultation to discover what we can do for you.