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Mosaic Tiles Adapted From Decorative Art

Mosaic tiles started out as a form of decorative art that was created out of fragments of broken glass and pottery. However, this soon evolved into a way of decorating homes, public spaces and even places of worship.

They are now used in a number of different ways, including being adapted to produce mosaic wall tiles and mosaic floor tiles. They are an extremely creative way to cover surfaces of any size, and here at Roccia, we can help you bring the beauty of mosaic tiles to your home.

Customise Your Mosaic Tiles

You can customise your mosaic tiles to suit your personal preferences, and they can fit in with a number of different styles. Our mosaic tiles come in a wide selection of colours, which means there is certainly something to suit every taste.

You can secure all the tiles down to form a picture, or have one block colour. At Roccia, we also offer you the chance to mix and match your chosen tiles in our store. We have professional and expert staff that will fill you in on the best way to secure and grout your tiles to make sure that they last.

Mosaic Floor Tiles will Add Value to Your Home

One of the best things about mosaic floor tiles is that they instantly improve the value of your home. This is because they are prized for their decorative value, making any room aesthetically pleasing.

All of our tiles are also known for their durability and for the way they can add a unique element to any room in your home, making them a great choice as the material for your bathroom tile or kitchen tile.

Contact Roccia for High Quality Mosaic Wall Tiles

If you want to redesign your home by using our unique, durable mosaic wall tiles, please contact us on 01775 550900 and a member of our staff will be happy to discuss your mosaic tile options.

Alternatively, you can pop into our showroom today and speak to any of our tiling and flooring experts, who will offer you their expert advice on the re-design of your home.