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We’re proud to offer an extensive collection of kitchen brands here at Roccia, both on our website and in our kitchen showroom in Preston. Our expert design team are here to make your kitchen dreams come true, whatever they may be, and one of the brands that could help with that is Valcucine

The brand has been paving the way for decades and has made quite the name for itself within the world of luxury kitchen design due to its focus on wellbeing and the user’s needs. A Valcucine kitchen is designed with heart and people at the forefront of every decision, making each collection a dream kitchen for many. 


Valcucine Kitchen Ranges at Roccia 

Our Valcucine kitchen showroom is a hub of stunning designs and innovative features, with each collection outlined around the user’s daily comforts – perfect for busy homes. The flawless blend of functionality and aesthetics is found in every one of Valcucine’s collections, and we couldn’t be happier to have the opportunity to share them with our customers. 

Genius Loci 

This intimate collection would not look out of place in any home, and with ingenious features designed around functionality in every fixture and fitting, it’s not hard to see why it was named this way. Genius Loci drawers have been modelled from antique desks, providing a traditional look with the benefits of modern-day materials designed to conceal everything inside with style. In addition, almost every item in this range is customisable, meaning adding your personal touch and getting that cosy, familiar family feeling in your space is simple. 

Logica Celata 

If you’re a budding chef or mixologist, a Logica Celata kitchen is precisely what you need to perfect your skills. Available in the Bar, Kitchen, or Preparation models, each is designed with the accessories and functionality to meet those specific requirements. For example, the accessorised shelf in the Kitchen model provides innovative features such as a chopping board, knife, and bottle racks so you can work efficiently in a stunning, clean-lined space. 


Meaning “lightness and resilience”, Ricilantia is the proud owner of the lightest door in the world, which fits comfortably into a water-, steam-, and heat-resistant aluminium structure. This durable design is perfect for busy homes. Additionally, with the incorporation of the eco-tech materials used, Ricilantia is ideal for those with sustainability at the forefront of interior design choices. 


The Artematica collection has been thoroughly designed to provide the user with functionality, fluidity, and beautiful surroundings. Perfect for family homes, this range has a focus on rounded corners and edges, respecting safety standards and offering a relaxing and stress-free space. Indulge in the luxury of the metal laminates, lacquered surfaces, and sustainable glass alongside the wood, giving a connection to nature that ties your kitchen together. 

View our stunning luxury kitchen brands, including Valcucine, up close and personal in our showroom, or speak to our kitchen experts to find out more about each brand on 01772 258998.