The occupants of this incredible private home had one request, and one request only: create a tone of luxury throughout each room that is both lavish yet liveable. A combination of impeccable style, sleek lines and softer furnishings were used to achieve this, with a result that is simply remarkable.

We endeavoured to optimise a variety of tiles that Roccia stock, including the exclusive Versace range, mixing textures, colours and finishings to create the stunning interior.

In the entrance hall, a partnership of super size porcelain and Versace embellishments create an exquisite reception, with this sleek aesthetic continuing through to the kitchen and dining room.

Across each room we have used a range of cuts, from mosaic to rectangular, in a variety of finishes: wood-effect, stone-cut and gloss, to name a few.

The Versace motifs throughout complete the look and give the home an elevated level of style, that is consistent yet bespoke to each room.

Evident from the images, we achieved a breathtaking result, encapsulating the luxurious style that Versace is known worldwide for. Each room maintains its bespoke identity, whilst embodying the opulent style that is both welcoming and functional for its occupants.

Haroon Ibrahim, Purchasing and Creative Manager - Roccia‚Äč