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Marble Effect Tiles from Roccia

Marble has adorned and added an air of elegance to buildings for centuries. Whether you are looking for marble effect tiles that are unapologetically striking, like our Sensi collection, or the classic look of a subtly-streaked design such as our Kashmir collection, Roccia has you, and your floor, covered.

Marble effect floor and wall tiles’ means exactly what you would expect – that you can achieve the same classic and luxurious look but with a whole host of other benefits that come with using a practical material that complements everyday living. Our marble effect tiles are significantly more cost-effective than the natural formation in the long-term, without compromising on the quality and durability you rightly expect. Available in dimensions ranging from 30x30 to 75x75 in a polished finish, our tiles are ideal for any size room.


Making Your Interior Unique with Marble Effect Tiles

With marble effect tiles boasting a growing fanbase, your interior can be admired for its on-trend appeal alongside its complete uniqueness. No two marble effect floor tiles will be the same by virtue of the natural composition, seamlessly blending together exclusive aesthetic properties for a chic allure and an interior that presents itself as the epitome of glamour. Smoothly-finished marble effect tiles not only brighten the space, they create a sense of expansion with their clean, refined charm.    

The beautifully crafted porcelain stoneware range here at Roccia features realistic designs, from the neutral, light whites and creams of our Luni collection, to the granite greys and earthy, sandy browns of our Alabastri and Timeless lines. Paired with a shimmering sheen that enhances the illusion of real polished marble, our alternatives are every bit as elegant as the real thing.

Due to the dense structure of our porcelain stoneware, which adds durability and hardwearing properties, our marble effect tiles are an ideal addition to frequently used living spaces. Another benefit of these tiles is that you can achieve this elegant style without the relative expense, the hassle of treatment and, of course, the maintenance that is innate to the naturally-formed slabs.   


Distinctive Uses of Marble Effect Wall and Floor Tiles


Marble effect tiles are a great alternative to real marble tiles, as they offer a long list of additional benefits including durability and water and stain resistance. There are many uses for these tiles throughout the home that do not have to be restricted to floors and wall in the traditional sense.

Houses with large open staircases could apply this design along the walls that follow the steps up. This works particularly well in combination with a staircase that is in itself designed with wood effect tiles, creating a contrast based on the balance of two natural style materials – the earthy and recognizably natural appearance of wood and the refined, polished and delicate elegance of marble. This design not only accentuates the space and opens it up to a lighter more uplifting feel by adding light to darker areas, it also adds a classic touch to any décor.

If you want to achieve a more traditional glamorous effect with your interior design, fashioning the actual staircase with marble effect tiles can certainly achieve a tasteful, expensive, and regal look.

Marble is also the ideal material for the “less is more” look, subtle but still striking and charming. From enhancing the sophistication of kitchens and bathrooms with marble backsplashes, islands, and cladded bathtubs, to creating an understated border, the tiles can be used to complete smaller projects as well as fill expanses of space.

Fireplace surroundings are another good example of where limited space can still behold character with the assistance of marble, such as the Alabastri tile. As a focal point in the heart of the home, marble effect wall tiles here can help to open up the room to create the illusion of a more spacious feel, whilst pairing well with the flames of the fire by allowing each individual tile to gleam in the light of the flames.


We Stock a Wide Range of Marble Effect Tiles

With over one hundred tiles in our marble effect tile range, you are sure to find what you need for your home. We have marble effect wall, floor and outdoor tiles, so you can create a breath-taking style from your home, merging the outside with the interior, or creating the more stylish bathroom or kitchen with Roccia kitchen tiles and bathroom floor tiles. One of our marble effect outdoor tiles which creates that wow factor is Stones & More 2.0; a high quality tile available in a variety of colours and patterns. Wall tiles available in the marble effect tile range include:

  • I Marmi - a high quality, polished porcelain marble with ultra high definition design.
  • Fenix - a modern and contemporary tile which captures its Spanish origins.
  • Puccini - a polished large format marble effect tile available in strong colours of white, black, grey and sand.
  • Alsacia - a bright, white marble effect tile offering a classical feel.

A number of our marble tiles can also be used for flooring, some of which include:

  • Droex - a beautiful floor tile resembling moonstone, attracting its mystery and lightness.

If you need help narrowing down the tile choices available to you, please don't hesitate to get in touch with the Roccia team. We would be more than happy to recommend different large format tiles based on your requirements, preferred colour, or finish. 

Contact Roccia for Further Information

If you require further information on the properties or specifications of our marble effect floor tiles and wall tiles, or you simply require an expert’s help on discovering the perfect marble effect tile for your home, we’re happy to hear from you. Please visit or call either of our two showrooms in Preston or Bolton. Find their contact details here.