5 Things to Do With Dark Decor


When it comes to decorating your home, we sometimes feel the need to stick to light, airy colours such as with our stunning wall tiles. However, it’s not the only option. The fact of the decoration world is that dark decor has a lot to offer.


#1 -Expand Your Tiny Room, Really?

The myth of dark colours is that they can make a room look significantly smaller and that, without the proper lighting, they can also bring the mood of your room down. The truth, believe it or not, is the complete opposite. Dark decor can make your room look bigger than it is whilst refraining from the clinical appearance of a light, white room.

In terms of the ‘mood’ of the room, dark decor enriches a room and brings with it an entirely different atmosphere.


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#2 -Snug as  a Bug in a… Living Room

When entering a windowless room we sometimes race to the nearest mirror and the brightest light bulb to help bring a little light into the room. How you’re able to bounce light around your small, windowless space can affect how attractive the overall appearance is; sometimes, it’s rather a hit or miss issue.

Here’s an idea, instead of striving to bring in the light, work to your room’s advantages. A small room is a snug space so help highlight this fact with your stylish dark decor for a truly cosy living space.


#3 -Let in the Light on That Architecture!

Living in an older home, you may find there are a few architectural designs typical of the building’s era. Stunning plasterboards and ceiling designs are all beautiful features often lost in a bright, light coloured room.

Help highlight these parts of your home with dark decor, from tiles to paint to wood dyes, these are the perfect way to help enrich your home with its architectural history.


#4 -Create a Dramatic Atmosphere Darling

One recent design trend is having a feature wall in your room. This wall generally sports a darker colour to help enrich a room creating a dramatic and comforting atmosphere you can wrap up in and admire.

#5 -Bathe in Luxury

Dark decor in your bathroom offers more than quality tiles protecting your walls from dampness and rot. It creates an atmosphere where you can bask in sheer opulence as you take a rewarding bubble bath. Though light colours are beautiful for a sparse design, dark colours offer a more relaxing atmosphere, just what you want after a long day’s work.


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We offer a range of tiles for every interior design. Whether you want a bright, white home, or a dramatic dark boudoir, contact us on 01772 382616 and we’ll help you find the perfect tile for your home decor. You can also follow us on Google+, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube for the latest news and interior updates!


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