Ancient Inspiration: Bathroom Interior Design

If there’s one thing the ancient Roman’s and Greeks knew about it was bathroom style. Luckily, plumbing has come a long way since then, but their style is certainly still a huge influence on the contemporary bathroom. Ancient style was all about expressing your wealth and creating a relaxing space that was worthy of royalty (and the gods!) well, there’s nothing wrong with that is there? Picture yourself now; reclining in a bubble bath feeling nothing short of regal and incredibly relaxed, surrounded by a wonderfully calming interior design. So how do you achieve this? Well, here at ROCCIA, we’re going to share a few style tips on how you can achieve this.

Ethereal & Elegant


Bath houses of old were very elegant, ethereal almost spiritual places, so of course, they were incredibly relaxing. To achieve this ambience in your own home you need to use delicate hues and tones; this is can be achieved by using natural stone tiles such as marble and slate. Our favourite tile for this job is the Celestial Light Polished Marble; classic, graceful and undeniably divine it is truly stunning.  Combine with metallic shower features and a white bathtub to enhance this wonderful aesthetic.

Rich & Regal


In order to channel the beauty of Ancient Rome or Greece to create your very own Atlantis effectively, you need to create a rich atmosphere that is truly worthy of royalty. You can do this by using beautiful mosaic tiles of regal golden tones; in fact, our mosaic tiles would be perfect for the job. Contrast these truly magnificent tiles with a white bathroom suite to really bring this theme to life.

So if you want a bathroom that is truly gorgeous then take a step back in time and transform your bathroom into something incredibly special. Make sure that you choose the suggested tiles, colours and styles, then you will be sure to have the bathroom of your dreams. If you require more information about our tiles then please get in contact with us as we are always happy to provide our customers with advice.


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