A Spotlight On: Fusion Floor and Wall Tiles

Old meets new, industrial meets rustic chic – 2015 interior design trends have been all about fusing styles, and we don’t see any signs of this stopping as we enter 2015. What could be more appropriate, then, than the Fusion collection from La Fabbrica? With both wall and floor tiles on offer this is a great option for any space, and we can see it making a huge impression in commercial buildings such as bars or restaurants as well as in the kitchen or bathroom – certainly a versatile collection! Here are some design ideas for those of you who like what you see:

Decorate Sparingly and Let the Tiles do the Hard Work


With such stunning and unusual patterns, you can certainly afford to cut back on the rest of the décor and let the tiles themselves become the statement piece within a room, especially if you are dealing with a smaller space and want to avoid overcrowding.

This works because each tile has such an intricate finish – choices such as the bronze and platinum tiles are designed to not just reflect the exquisite substances that they’re named for, but to give the look of a sheet of metal which has been painstakingly finished and, in some cases, weathered for the best effect. Choose just a few complimentary pieces, as in the example pictured above, and use your tile of choice across multiple surfaces if you really want to make a minimalist statement.

Contrast against Wooden Furniture, Beams and other Cottage Detailing

 bronse tile

If you choose a paler Fusion tile, such as the beautiful bronze option given in the picture, you can use it to put a subtle twist on the traditional country cottage aesthetic, really living up to the ‘fusion’ name. This works particularly well in a spacious kitchen, where bronze tiles can make a fantastic alternative to the traditional red quarry tiles.

Choose a thick, solid wood such as oak for furniture such as a dining table and kitchen counters and we think you’ll be very impressed by just how homely the final result is!

The Roccia team are more than happy to talk to you in more details about any style choices that you’re considering, and if you are concerned about installing or cleaning your new flooring then we can also supply essential tile accessories. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our knowledgeable team, whether online or at 01772 382616 with your questions and requests – you can also connect with us on a variety of social media platforms including Twitter and Facebook.

What’s Your Tile Style?

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