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Planning your next renovation can take a lot of time, so, while you do have the time, we recommend that you indulge in your wildest dreams and start planning for your dream kitchen and bathroom now. We will be more than happy to help you make those dreams come true when our business re-opens, but if you can achieve some great plans for your home now, you can hope that making it a reality will be an easy task in the future.

How to Find Inspiration for Your Dream Bathroom

Mixed metals have been thoroughly in style for the past year, and they’re looking to stay. If you fell in love with rose gold from the beginning but still feel like you need to refresh your bathroom a little, then we can’t recommend enough swapping out a few of your fittings for a quick upgrade.

This exquisite sink mixes light caramel gold taps with a beautiful rose gold basin, and the effect is just wonderful. The use of the sun and snowflake on the taps to indicate hot and cold water is a refreshing and very stylish alternative to the somewhat gaudy red and blue colour indications found with most standard taps.

When it comes to building your own bathroom design plans, you might want to start with a feature such as this beautiful basin and build outwards. For example, our next step would be to think about what other features would pair well with this basin, and what types of tiles you might associate with it.

The image above uses dark wood to juxtapose the light and reflective metals, but it also brings a piece of the natural into a scene that is using manmade materials. This combination is carefully thought out and might inspire you to create a balance between metallic fixtures and natural aspects in your own bathroom.

You might consider continuing the natural themes in your flooring. Our wood effect tiles are a brilliant way to suggest natural themes in your bathroom without any of the drawbacks of using a real wooden floor in your bathroom.

You can read more about Why Wood Effect Tiles Beat Wooden Floors on our blog.

Alternatively, you might choose to co-ordinate your bathroom floor tiles with your metallic fixtures by using some luxurious metallic effect floor tiles. These modern tiles could easily add new tones and help you to create a rich and varied ‘mixed metals’ look in your home.

Floor tiles contribute a lot to the aesthetic of your room, so if you feel like using a metallic effect tile on your floor might make your bathroom feel a bit cold, we recommend considering combining this look with items such as a wood-effect toilet seat, wood-effect bath and wood-effect cabinets to bring a sense of the natural back into your home.

Materia Bathroom Wall Tiles

A mix of metallics and natural materials might not be the kind of look that you want to pursue with your bathroom, but you could be inspired by any of the features you have seen in our pictures above. Simply pick a feature that you can fall in love with and build out from there, we’ll do our best to find the tiles that are right for you when you’re ready to start renovating.

If you love the wooden bathtub in the image above, then why not use that as your starting position? Alternatively, if strong lighting means a lot for your personal happiness, perhaps you should start your journey there? Your happiness should always be at the heart of any home renovation.

If you’ve been inspired by any of the bathrooms on our site, then we recommend that you visit our bathroom showroom in Preston or bathroom showroom in Bolton when we reopen. We have a fabulous selection of tiles for you to consider, as well as plenty of recommendations for your bathroom furniture.

Imagining Your Incredible Kitchen

You can take similar steps to start designing a new kitchen, too. Like bathrooms, kitchens require a lot of cleaning and good hygiene, so tiles are an important feature of any modern kitchen. Consequently, you might want to start with what kind of tiles you would be most excited to see in your kitchen in your next renovation.

This stylish kitchen combines very modern styles with some rustic patterns to create a unique style that blends ideas of new and old, and incorporates the kitchen’s fabulous wooden beamed ceiling. We especially like the wooden panelling surrounding the oven and microwave, but you might find yourself more inspired by the matt black surfaces combines with pristine white china and utensil pots.

An alternative way to imagine this kitchen would be to imagine swapping out the flooring with a more modern style of tiling. If you find the above kitchen to be a little dark, you might even consider going for a bolder colour. In the image below, you can see how a small region of brightly coloured tiles can quickly re-invigorate a cold-coloured space:

We have a brilliant selection of tiles that are perfect for use as a feature wall or splashback in your kitchen. You can browse all of our feature wall tiles on our site, but if you’re looking to add a little bit of colour into your kitchen, then you might be especially interested in the following brands:

Mont Blanco Wall Tiles

These exquisitely coloured and patterned tiles can liven up your entire kitchen by adding them as your splashback. They are available in a range of colours and patterns to suit your colour palette, but their vibrancy is their greatest quality.

Alternatively, if you’ve found the tiles of your dreams already but are worried that they are lacking in colour, you might want to turn to wall paint to make your tiles stand out from the crowd. Using an accent colour to paint around your splashback can make your tiles stand out in new and inventive ways – experimenting with a bold new look could be your best interior design decision yet.

With so many amazing tiles and styles to choose from, you might still be a little uncertain about which tile is perfect for you. If so, you will enjoy taking a trip to visit our kitchen showroom in Preston to help you make your final decision when we reopen. We stock a huge range of the best tile brands available in the UK, so we look forward to seeing you and your plans in the future!

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