Bathroom Storage Secrets: Keep The Clutter Out of Your Bathroom

People with small bathrooms (or even regular sized bathrooms) all seem to run into the same problem – there is never enough space. People struggle most for storage solutions in the bathroom, due to them often being small in size and the amount of furniture that a bathroom has (toilet, bath, sink, shower).

Unfortunately, this lack of space always seems to leave people’s bathroom looking overcrowded and cluttered, which doesn’t look attractive when you have guests visiting.

As a company who specialises in providing tiles for people looking to create their dream bathrooms, we believe that it’s important that the clutter in your bathroom doesn’t take away from the beautiful design that you are creating.

Therefore, we have put together a guide on how best to solve the storage problems in your bathroom, providing you with some secrets that will leave your bathroom looking a lot more organised.

Small, moderm bathroom


Containers For Under The Sink

For some reason, a lot of bathroom furniture doesn’t have shelving or helpful storage solutions inside. For example, the cabinet under your sink is probably a single shelf in which you have thrown a lot of your bathroom products – such as shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrushes.

Whilst it does mean that all your products are not on show, it still looks incredibly messy, and takes up more room than it needs to. This is why we suggest getting containers that can be stacked under your sink, inside of the cupboards. You can then store everything away neatly in these boxes, whilst creating more room for other stuff. It also makes things easier to be found – bonus!

A Storage Tower For Your Towels

Creating a storage tower for your bathroom is one of our favourite ideas, as it looks super stylish and pretty! By including an elegant storage tower in your bathroom design, you are creating a solution where your towels will be organised but still visible. We suggest choosing your most colourful and attractive towels to be on show – even if you don’t use them!

Spa setting with towels in bath room


Choose a Mirror That Has Storage Space

Everyone knows that a well placed mirror can make a small bathroom seem bigger in size, but that’s not the only advantage that mirrors can provide to a smaller bathroom. By choosing a mirror that has a cabinet attached, is a brilliant way of creating some extra storage space. Why choose a regular mirror, right?

You can pop all your hair and face products away in the mirrored cupboard, so that they are not cluttering the sides of your bath or sink!

Add a Shelf In The Space Above Your Door

We will let you into a little storage secret that not many people know – you can find additional storage space above your door. You can do this by inserting a small shelf into the space, perfect for storing the bits and bobs that you don’t need all the time.

We think it’s perfect for storing all your clean supplies that you want to keep out of reach of your children and pets – so it creates extra space and boosts safety in the bathroom!

Modern Bathroom - iStock_000014050450_Medium

Hopefully some of these ideas will inspire you to create some storage solutions in your bathroom, so that people focus on your beautiful decor instead of all the clutter. If you’re looking to redesign your bathroom, and you want some fantastic tiles at affordable prices, Tile Mart has you covered.

We have a fantastic range of tiles, from natural slate tiles to natural stone tiles – whatever you are looking for, we are sure to stock it.

For more information, contact us by calling 01772 258998 and a member of our helpful staff will be happy to help you out.

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