Best of the Web: Ideas for your Home

The internet is brimming with talented, creative individuals who are excited to share their ideas with the rest of the world.

Interior designers from across the globe are relentlessly unleashing new and exciting styles and ideas for you to incorporate into your home. Many of these individuals have spent countless hours compiling their ideas into an interesting, readable, accessible format which is suitable for the digital era.

Do you need some home inspiration? Take a look at some of the best bits of the web that we’ve come across recently to get those artistic juices flowing.

The Style Files: Industrial Rustic Chic Style


It’s not a style that we see very often, especially within the heart of London, but blogger Danielle de Lange of The Style Files has put together a wonderful focus piece detailing various aspects of a home in the capital that has successfully captured the delicate balance between industrial and rustic chic.

This natural based style creates a modern look which has smooth transition into vintage charm, and is perfect for any home – no matter where you are in the world.

The Zhush: Summer Time Blues



Blue is an extremely versatile colour, and for the summer season, we’re seeing a lot more of this shade being incorporated into home interiors and exteriors.

Sue De Chiara of The Zhush has collated a post based on a chic, holiday home that can be found in Florida. Each room features a delicate blue accent paired with a variety of different shades to create a different environment as you walk through each area of the home.

Blue hues are definitely one to watch out for this summer when it comes to accessorising and decorating your home.

Trendir: 40 Stunning Luxury Bathrooms with Incredible Views



Why not invite nature into your bathroom area? We think that there’s no better way to relax in your beautiful bathtub or shower than a bathroom with a view!

If you’re struggling to feel inspired in your bathroom, or simply want to see what can be achieved with a bathroom that is situated in the perfect location, be sure to take a look at’s list of 40 stunning luxury bathrooms with a view!

Apartment Therapy: Natural Ways to Make Your Home Smell Amazing This Summer

lavender flowers iStock_000051121606_Medium

An attractive home doesn’t just need to look and feel comfortable; it needs to smell great too. Rather than spraying each room with overpowering perfumes, why not take the natural approach instead?

Apartment Therapy have a wide range of methods to keep your property smelling fresh using some beautiful, natural features.

Vosges Paris: A Beautiful All Black Kitchen and Dining Room with Lots of Cork



Black and white is a staple style in any good interior designer’s arsenal; it is reliable and dramatic, and can work for almost any theme you can think of.

Desiree of Vosges Paris recently showcased a kitchen which pairs this traditional colour scheme with a more natural palette using cork and wooden features. This style balances out the monochrome effect with a seamless natural theme.

Styling your home your way is what we encourage here at Roccia and we hope that some of these inspirational articles have sparked some creative ideas in your minds! To make your interior dreams  a reality, don’t hesitate to get in contact with us. Our team of dedicated professionals will be delighted to help you with whatever query you may have.

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