Brighten Up Your Bathroom

Giving your bathroom a bright and airy feel can instantly transform the look of this important room in your home, giving it a more spacious atmosphere. Here we give a quick guide to how you can enhance and make the most of the light in your home, especially now the darker winter months are here.


Mirrors are a great solution for maximising the light in your bathroom, and a well placed mirror can really help you to make the most of the natural light in your home. Adding an extra mirror into your bathroom will make it appear larger, and reflect more light too, thereby enhancing the feeling of space.


When it comes creating a bright and airy feel in your bathroom, it’s always best to stick with neutral tones, as these are ideal for creating a light and fresh feel. Utilizing metallic shades can also be beneficial, as their shiny surface will help to reflect light.


When it comes to great interior design, often the devil really is in the detail. Why not try brightening up your bathroom with a few simple accessories, such as some indoor plants. Green plant varieties in particular, such as spider plants, are ideal for achieving a clean and fresh look in your bathroom.


There are a number of great tiling options that can assist in creating a brighter feel in your bathroom. For example, polished ceramic tiles can help to reflect light, making your bathroom feel brighter and more spacious.


A good lighting plan is also essential, and being a little clever with your lighting design can really help to brighten the look and feel of your bathroom. Whilst you might be tempted to simply install a single overhead light in your bathroom, harsh ceiling lights tend to pool light in a particular area of a room and may leave the remaining space looking a little dull. For the best lighting effect in your bathroom, it’s best to try layering several layers of light, such as by combining general over head lighting with task lighting around your sink and mirror. This will give your bathroom both ample light and the right kind of atmosphere.

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