Luxury Home Project

Homeowners John and Deborah Scarlett’s vision was to create a modern home with a stylish design. They wanted an all-round crowd-pleaser, and here at Roccia, we were able to help their dream become a reality.

Following conversations with the homeowners, Roccia designed and supplied fixtures, fittings, tiles and much more. We worked closely with John and Deborah from the start of the project to the final installation.

The extraordinary home makeover includes a luxury Cesar kitchen, multiple bathroom renovations and a showstopping tiled fireplace. The eye-catching bespoke handmade porcelain office table gives a rustic feel and touch to the open-plan home.

Cesar’s modern approach to design and innovation is unrivalled, and the large island is both a unique and practical focal point. Cesar kitchens give your home distinct character, and with their sleek design, your kitchen is sure to be the heart and soul of your home.

In total, we used approximately 350 square metres of Premium Italian porcelain tiles for what is a truly stunning finish. The natural colour palette used for the flooring complements and contrasts with the modern fireplace design and cosy furniture choices.

What makes this project so special?

This home is an excellent example of our willingness to understand our client’s needs and go that extra mile — turning their initial vision into a reality.

Located at Victory Boulevard in Lytham, we were able to offer completely bespoke services and designs, including an efficient bioethanol fireplace with tile finish and a handmade porcelain office table.

We invite you to watch the video below to see the fine details of this truly remarkable project.

Head over to the Roccia YouTube channel to browse more luxury home projects.

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